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"My numbers" service

"My numbers" service

Did you forget, which numbers are registered on your passport? Ucell will help you!

Get information:

The number of requests is limited – 2 requests/day.

The service is free.

Now you can quickly and easily get this information by sending the request to a short number *360#. In return, you will receive the following message:

"Number(s) is(are) registered on passport: 
“number” – “status” (active/blocked)
If you change passport, please notify Ucell Company."

*Registered number(s) is/are provided according to the passport data that refer to the subscriber’s number used for information request sending.
Additional information
If you have changed your passport, you should notify the Company (according to the Contract on rendering of FE "COSCOM" LLC (Ucell TM) cellular radiotelephone network services) and come to any front offices of Ucell, located in your town. You should take along a new passport, which you give to the office staff to make changes to your subscriber data.

The service is available for all Prepaid subscribers.

Ucell. Making life better! 
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