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Voice SMS

Voice SMS

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No time to type SMS? Want to share emotions and news?

"Voice SMS" - is what you need! You can record and send a voice message to the number of any mobile operator within Uzbekistan.

 Price for one Voice SMS - $ 0.03.

 Price of incoming SMS-message (delivery report) from 3516 number – $0.00.

How to record Voice SMS?

In order to use "Voice SMS" service, it is required to dial (zero-star) sign before telephone number of subscriber, to which you want to send message, press key and follow the instructions of autoinformer. While number of subscriber must be dialed in international format (0*998XX yyyyyyy, where XX – operator’s prefix, yyyyyyy – subscriber’s telephone number).

"Voice SMS" can be sent to subscribers of all cellular operators within the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

After completion of record it is required to press (pound) key or key. While, voice message will be sent to recipient. You will receive SMS-message from 3516 number with the information that your voice message has been delivered.

  • Мaximum length of recording message – 60 seconds;
  • Price for one Voice SMS - $0.03.
  • Price of incoming SMS-message (delivery report) from 3516 number – $0.00.
How to listen Voice SMS?

To listen to voice message:

  • Ucell subscribers need to dial number and press key.
  • Subscribers of other Cellular operators need to call to number +99893-1710000.

After that subscriber gets to IVR menu, where voice message automatically played.

You can find and listen all received voice messages, and also to download to telephone or computer from special web-site of service: Voice SMS are kept on the server for 7 days.

  • Price of call to number *0* (only for Ucell subscribers) – $0.
  • Price of the call to number +99893 1710000 is according to subscriber’s tariff plan.

"Voice SMS" service is available by default to all Ucell subscribers.

Subscribers of other cellular operators cannot answer on received messages.


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