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With "Call me" service, you will always be online!

Even if there is no deposit, you can send USSD-request with please to call you back to any subscriber of operator of cellular communications in territory of Republic of Uzbekistan.

In order to use following service you need to send USSD-request in format: *125*998YYXXXXXXX#.

The amount of free requests per day: 2

Cost: $0.01/request (starting from the third request).

Language selection

In order to change the language you need to send USSD-request:

  • – Uzbek language;
  • – Russian language (Cyrillic);
  • – English language;
  • – Russian language (Latin).

In order to use following service you need to send USSD-request in format:

*125*8YYXXXXXXX#Z# or *125*998YYXXXXXXX#Z# or *125*+998YYXXXXXXX#Z#

(where YY – prefix of cellular communication operator, XXXXXXX – number of subscriber, Z – message language: 1 or space = Russian*, 2 = Uzbek, 3 = English)

Prepaid subscribers can use "Call me" service also in "Blocked" status. In other words, Prepaid subscribers have an opportunity to send USSD-request during first 30 days while lack of deposit.

Additional terms
At sending USSD-request, it is required to type prefix of operator before number of subscriber, otherwise request will not be sent.

* In case that you didn’t choose language of message it will be send on the last send message language or if you are using service first time, message will be sent in Russian.
  • Maximum amount of "Call Me" USSD-requests to *125# is 30 per day;
  • The amount of free of charge "Call Me" USSD-requests to *125# is 2 per day;
  • The cost of USSD-requests to *125# starting from the third request - $ 0.01 / 1 request.
  • Prepaid subscribers with zero balance or in Blocked state (During 30 days after blocking) can send 2 USSD-requests to *125# per day free of charge.

    Prepaid subscribers in blocked state with positive balance (more or equal $0.01) can send paid USSD-requests to *125#.
    • The service "Call me" is not available when sending USSD-requests to UZMOBILE subscribers.


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