"Web-SMS" – send free SMS from the site.

Send SMS

How to use the free service of sending SMS from web site:

  1. Click on the "Send SMS" link;
  2. In the new opened window, click on the "Retrieve Password" link;
  3. Enter your phone number and verification code from the image into the appropriate fields and press the "Send" button;
  4. A few minutes later, and perhaps sooner, you will receive SMS with a password for authentication;
  5. Enter your phone number and password in the appropriate fields;
  6. To send free SMS from the site, you need to enter the recipient phone number in the "Phone" field and text messages in the box below;
  7. Press the button "Send message".

Service terms:

  • Only Ucell subscribers can send SMS via "Web-SMS" service and only to Ucell subscribers;
  • Messages typed in Latin, can contain up to 160 characters. Posts that contain at least one symbol of the Russian alphabet (Cyrillic), limited to 70 characters;
  • Do not send messages that contain obscene messages, threats and insults;
  • The maximum number of messages – 20 SMS per hour.