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"Convenient within network" service bundle

"Convenient within network" service bundle

Choose the "Convenient" bundle for you and communicate comfortable any time!

"Convenient within network" service bundle for Namangan, Samarkand, Djizak, Bukhara, Khorezm, Karakalpakstan and Andijan regions’ subscribers!

Service bundles

"Convenient within network" service bundle - the three attractive offers in one bundle by attractive conditions!
Calls within network, SMS within Uzbekistan and Internet traffic – you can get this all with auto prolongation or one time assigned!

Service bundle "Convenient within network"
Bundle price $3
Minutes for calls within network 1000
SMS quantity within Uzbekistan 200
Internet traffic, MB 20
Bundle validity 12 days (with auto prolongation or once assigned)
Activation request *130#
  • Activation/ deactivation/ status check / information about "Convenient" service bundles - *130#.
  • Minutes, SMS and Internet traffic amount check is available via*109#.
  • Auto-assignment function: bundle will be assigned automatically in case of sufficient balance only.
  • Auto assignment rules are following:
    • Bundle can be assigned in case of sufficient founds on the balance.
    • "Convenient within network" service bundle will be assigned every 5days in case of auto assignment type is chosen.
    • Limits of previous bundles will be added to new in case of additional bundle purchasing and expiration date will be set to date of new bundle assignment.
  • Bundle will be assigned once without subsequent prolong in case of single assignment choice.
  • Assigned minutes, SMS and MB from each new bundle will be added to existing bundle, but doesn’t prolong its validity.When checking balance, subscriber will be shown total amount of minutes, SMS, MB and the validity will be according to the last activated bundle. Bundle, which will expire earlier, will be spent first.
  • Minutes, SMS and Internet traffic within the bounds of "Convenient" bundles are available in Active state only.
  • Calls to CONTENT services directions do not spend "Convenient" bundles limits.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT.
Pay attention
  • "Convenient within network" service bundle is available for Fergana Namangan, Samarkand, Djizak, Bukhara, Khorezm, Karakalpakstan and Andijan regions’ Prepaid system subscribers only.
  • "Convenient within network" service bundle activation is unavailable in case of active "VIP for 90days" additional service.
  • Activation of "Convenient within network" service bundle is available on the following tariffs: "Fresh", "More!", "OK", "Freedom of Talk", "Simple", "Easy to remember", "ONLINE", "Among friends", "Affordable Internet", "Thankfully!", "Positive".
  • "Fresh", "More!", "OK", "Freedom of Talk", "Simple", "Easy to remember", "ONLINE", "Among friends", "Affordable Internet", "Thankfully!", "Positive" tariffs’ subscribers will be notified via SMS in case of successful “Convenient within network” service bundle assignment.
"Convenient" service bundles - choose your type of comfortable communication!
These bundles are running on temporary terms and available till 31.12.2017.


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