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Detailed report of calls

"Detailed report of calls"

If necessary Ucell can provide you with full information (printout) of all your calls, which were made during a specific period (month, week and etc.). You can obtain this information both every month and as it becomes necessary (voluntary). In this case you decide yourself for which period you want the information.

In order to obtain printout of your calls, you must in person be present at the own office of the Company. ONLY in this case you can use the "Detailed report of calls" service. At the same time, you should bring your passport with you.

If you are a legal entity (a company, a firm, an entrepreneur, LLC and etc.) then you should submit a written request to be provided with the "Detailed report of calls" service which should contain details of the contact person (with a proof of identity of that person), directly requesting the detailed report.


Detail records of used Internet service contain time of Internet session only, its duration and size of received/sent information.

Company, while providing Ucell subscribers access to mobile Internet, does not record, in detail records of subscribers numbers, names of websites (including IP addresses), servers, which are used for making Internet connection, and Internet address, which were visited by the subscriber.

Company does not also record texts of messages, sent by subscribers by using SMS-service.

Calls to the numbers listed below do not reflected in the call details:

  • 101 – fire emergency
  • 102 – police
  • 103 – ambulance
  • 104 – gas emergency
  • 1050 – ministry of emergency situations
  • 8123 – Call-center for Prepaid subscribers
  • 8111 – Call-center for Postpaid subscribers
Terms of service
Terms of provision of "Detailed report of calls" service
Subscription to the service $0,00
Single provision of the service at the request of the client (the detailed report is provided for unlimited periods) for every months $3,60
Detailed report of calls for every month (the detailed report is provided for the previous month) $3,60
The one-time provision of service for corporate clients for 1 number (period of detailed report - 1 month)  $1,00


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