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Replacement of SIM-cards

"Replacement of SIM-cards"

If you have lost your SIM-card or can not remember the PIN-code of the card to unblock the phone, Ucell will replace the SIM-card. For this you need contact to own offices of Ucell located in your city. Moreover, your previous number and services you have subscribed to will be retained.

Cost of the service – $0.50 with a glance of VAT.

For Postpaid Subscribers

In the case of loss, if you are Postpaid subscriber, immediately inform about the incident the Information Service of the company via phones: (+998 93)180-0000, 181-0000. You need call your number, surname of SIM-card owner and access code. After check all information, our specialists will block the SIM-card so that no one would be to call using your number, spending your money.


When visiting the own office of the Company with the aim of replacing the SIM-card Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers (individual person) should have one of the following documents:

  • Passport;
  • Military ID + form №33;
  • The current accreditation card;
  • The residence permit;
  • Driver's license;
  • Ma'lumotnoma.


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