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"FRESH" tariff

"FRESH" tariff

Comfortable prices for calls within Uzbekistan!

  Calls within network for $0.005*

  Calls to Ucell "Favorite number" for $ 0.005 per minute

  Calls to Russia "Favorite number" for $ 0.22 per minute

  1 Mb of Internet for $0.03**

The cost of request – $0.50

Swap to "FRESH" tariff is available via


Daily subscriber fee $0.05
Price per minute of airtime
All incoming calls $0.00
Outgoing calls within network (Day-time 7:00-00:00a.m)   $0.015
*Outgoing calls within network  (Night-time 00:00-7:00a.m.)   $0.005
Outgoing calls to Ucell "Favorite number"   $0.005
Outgoing calls to Russia  "Favorite number" $0.22
Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan $0.03
Price per SMS
    Outgoing SMS within network and Uzbekistan (Day-time 7:00-00:00a.m)   $0.015
    Outgoing SMS within network and Uzbekistan (Night-time 00:00-7:00a.m.)   $0.005
Outgoing International SMS $0.12
Price per MMS
Outgoing MMS within network and Uzbekistan $0.05
Outgoing International MMS $0.30
Price per MB Internet
Ucell Internet - 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE (Day-time 7:00-00:00a.m) $0.07
**Ucell Internet - 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE (Night-time 00:00-7:00a.m.) $0.03
Terms of the tariff
  • Please make sure that you disconnect the session by 00:00 a.m. and then restart it after 00:00 in order to have $0.03 price per 1 MB of Internet during the night-time.
  • In order to set favorite Ucell number you need to send following USSD-request *501*1*9989xxxxxxxx#dial; as to set Russian favorite number, send *501*1*7xxxxxxxxxx#.
  •  In the case if you would like to delete favorite Ucell number you need to send following USSD-request *501*2*9989xxxxxxxx#dial; as to delete Russian favorite number, send *501*2*7xxxxxxxxxx#.
  • In order to receive more details about the "favorite number" service, send *501#.
  • You can replace or disable favorite numbers only once a day;
  • "Maximum access" and "Internet Mega Boom" services are not available for activation on this tariff.
  • After changing "Fresh" tariff to any other available, you need to remove favorite numbers by using USSD-request *501*2*phone number# call, in order to avoid incorrect billing of calls to these numbers.
Subscriber fee is charged only in active status of the subscriber, regardless of the balance amount.

You can move to "FRESH" tariff by dialing *120#. After moving from any Prepaid tariff to this tariff, daily fee for the first day will be charged immediately.
Cost of moving to – "More!" tariff is $0.75. Cost of moving to other available Prepaid tariffs is $0.50.

All prices include VAT.

"FRESH" tariff is available only for Prepaid system subscribers.

Price list of "FRESH" tariff plan

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