Customer’s right for the data confidentiality

Customer’s right for the data confidentiality

We consider our customer’s personal data confidentiality as one of the fundamental issues of sustainable business.

This page is created to inform our Сustomers what kind of customer personal data we keep and process, as well as how we ensure confidentiality and integrity of such data.

FE COSCOM LLC, Ucell TM (here in after referred to as Ucell) works actively to protect its networks and services. We have taken a range of security measures to keep our Customers’ personal data secure, to ensure any personal data loss, unauthorized use and/or modification.

Only authorized limited number of our employees have access to personal data of our Customers. Ucell applies very strict rules to its employees who have an access to databases keeping customers’ personal data or to servers participating in our services provision process. Our employees responsible for ensuring confidentiality and security of Customers’ personal data actively work to minimize possible loss, fraud and unauthorized modification of the data.

Confidentiality Policy
Ucell manages confidentiality issues according to the confidentiality Policy which is based on the international standards related to human rights observance, as well as in line with Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan: “On guaranties and freedom of access to information”, “On principles and guarantees of information freedom”,  “On communications”, “On telecommunications”, “Rules of providing mobile communications services” registered by  the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan №1900 and List of information related to confidential information (Addendum #2 to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of RUz # 296 dated 07.11.2011).

Above mentioned laws contain clauses related to protection of Customers from invasion to their private life while processing personal data.

Ucell processes its Customers’ personal data based on the concluded agreements on providing telecommunication services. Data are processed in order to allow Ucell to fulfill its obligations on abovementioned agreements, to tariff services provided and to fulfill its obligations according to legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Processing of incorrect personal data
Any Customer is responsible for providing correct Customer’s data to the Company. Ucell in its turn is responsible for authenticity of customers’ personal data, which are processed. Any possible inaccuracies with customers’ personal data may be addressed by the Customer to Ucell in written form or any other available method.

In order to provide authenticity of customers’ personal data, kept in databases, Ucell carries out a range of control procedures.
In case there are detected some inconsistencies in customers’ personal data, occurred due to Ucell’s employees or dealers at the moment of new subscription, Ucell informs Customer about necessity to visit Company’s office for clarification of personal data.

Customer – an individual has to inform Ucell about change his/ her passport and personal data (surname, name, second name, residence address, etc.) within 30 days with obligatory passport submission, according to the telecommunications services providing agreement.

Customer – legal entity upon change any details pointed into the telecommunications services providing agreement has to inform Company about such changes in writing within 5 days after official registration of new details.

What data are processed?

Ucell is processing:

  • for individuals - Customers’ personal data pointed in the subscriber agreement(surname, name, second name, passport number & serial number, residence address, telephone number, agreement date, etc.);
  • for legal entities - Customers’ data pointed in the subscriber agreement (company name, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), legal address, bank account, bank details, agreement date, etc.);
  • Data which were collected during the process of Ucell services provision to both individuals and legal entities – Customers (any events in the Ucell’s network);
  • Data related to Сustomer’s applications to Ucell such as complaints, offers and requests.

What is the purpose for a data processing?
First of all personal information is used by Ucell to personify customer obligations, as well as to make analysis of  events, services development, customer base segmentation and conducting targeted marketing campaigns.

Other information
As “other information” in this context, is considered impersonal information. We collect such information, for example, when someone visits Ucell web site. Such information may include the number of Ucell site visits, duration of site surfing, browser version, operation system and other impersonal information. Such information helps us to analyze site visitor’s preferences and improve our web site design.

Ucell has a right to change this information. New version becomes valid from the moment of publication at official web site



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