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Daily internet packages

Daily internet packages

Daily Internet packages will be unavailable for connection starting on 08.02.2023.

The main advantage of daily packages is that all unspent traffic is saved and added to the next day's traffic volume.


Form of request:

Length of the message - 1024 characters.
Required fields are marked with *

To check the remaining traffic, dial * 108#. The rest of MB displayed in the USSD request *108# is relevant at the time of closing all Internet sessions.

*All unused traffic will be set to zero upon service deactivation.

Internet packages
Daily Internet packages Included traffic, MB Price, soum The validity period of MB
Package 5 5 390 30 days
Package 10 10 550
Package 20 20 790
Package 35 35 1190
Package 55 55 1890
Package 100 100 2790
Package 130 130 3790
Package 160 160 4490
Package 200 200 4990

USSD-request to deactivate the package - *666*10*2*1#

All unused traffic will be saved and added to the amount of traffic of the next day!
The validity period of traffic is 30 days.
To check the remaining Internet traffic, send USSD request to *108#.

  1. All Postpaid subscribers and Postpaid corporate clients of the company can activate the service.
  2. To assign a service to the company's corporate clients, the person for whom the corresponding numbers are registered must submit a written request to the Company.
  3. To assign the service to individuals of the Company with the types of categories "Individual" and "Corporate VIP", you must send a request *666# and a call, or contact The company's office and fill out the appropriate application for activation of the service.
  4. Daily Internet packages are assigned with the automatic assignment function. To disable the automatic assignment function, corporate clients must submit a written request to the Company.
  5. For individuals, the automatic assignment function can be deactivated using the request *666*10*2*1#, or contact the office of the Company and fill out the corresponding application to deactivate the service.
  6. When the automatic assignment of Internet packages is active, after 1 day from the date of activation of the package, with sufficient funds on the account, the system will assign a new package of the nominal value purchased earlier. In this case, the traffic remaining from the previously purchased package is extended. Before you start using the Internet, you should check the activation of the new package to avoid additional costs.
  7. Internet traffic is assigned only after the full amount of the subscription fee is charged and is valid only in the active status.
  8. The subscription fee is charged only in the active status, regardless of the remaining funds on the balance.
  9. The validity period of traffic – 30 days.
  10. In order for the service to work correctly, if the session is active at the time of purchasing the Internet package, you must interrupt it and reconnect.
  11. If the automatic assignment of any packages is disabled, all accumulated and unspent Internet traffic is reset to zero.
  12. If you re-activate the new package before the expiration of the current Internet package, the traffic included in the new package is added to the remaining unspent traffic, and the validity period of the traffic is updated. There are no restrictions on activations.
  13. After the activation of the service, you must make sure that the purchased Internet package is credited by sending a USSD request to the number *108#. If the "Daily Internet packages" service is not active, Internet billing is carried out according to the current tariff plan of the subscriber. In these cases, the Company does not accept claims and does not recalculate for services rendered.


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