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3GB for Tas-IX

3GB for Tas-IX

You are a frequent user of Tas-IX zone?
Is it the place where you develop your business, or you just want to access it freely via your smartphone?
Only users of the tariff lines Smartphone, "Unlimited" and Smart Business are granted with this opportunity!

For only 8377.90 sum per month you get 3 GB of traffic in the Tas-IX zone and when you're there, you don't have to count the MBs anymore.

Cost – 8377.90 sum

Package activation - *455#

Form of request:

Length of the message - 1024 characters.
Required fields are marked with *

  • Internet package "3GB on TAS-IX" is available only for subscribers of the tariff lines "Smart Business", "Unlimited" and "Smartphone".
  • The cost of Internet package until the end of the calendar month is 8377.90 sum and it is activated only once a month.
  • For activation of the Internet package for corporate clients of the Company, the person who has registered appropriate numbers has to provide a message in the written form to the Company.
  • To activate the Internet package the subscribers with the types of categories Corporate VIP and subscribers of tariffs of the tariff range "Smartphone" need to send the request to *455# and call or contact the office and fill in the appropriate application for obtaining the Internet package.
  • Internet package "3GB on TAS-IX" is assigned by automatic assignment:
    • To disable the automatic assignment, Corporate clients must provide a written request to the Company.
    • Subscribers with contract type "Corporate VIP" and the subscribers of the tariff line "Smartphone" can deactivate auto-assignment function by using the query *455# and call or contact the office and fill in the appropriate application for the deactivation of the service.
  • With the activation of the new Internet package, the package cost is written off completely and the limit of the traffic is fully provided until the end of the month.
  • Monthly fee is written off from the account in full once a month, on the 1st day of the calendar month in active status, regardless of the availability of funds on the subscriber's balance, sufficient to cover the subscription fee in full, and the traffic is available in full.
  • When you deactivate a package, the traffic rest is consumed.
  • The traffic within the Internet-package can only be used in the active status.
  • For the correct work of the Internet package, in the case when at the time of the activation session was active, it is necessary to adjourn the session to include the package and then resume the session.
  • After the activation of the Internet package it is necessary to check the remaining Internet balance via inquiry *455# and call to check the change of traffic you have purchased. Before that the billing for the Internet will be carried out according to the traffic plan. In these cases, the Company does not accept any claims and shall not perform the recalculation for the rendered services.
Activation conditions
The service activation is impossible if the subscriber has connected the services:
  • "Unlimited Internet package"
  • "Unlimited Odnoklassniki"
  • "Unlimited Mail.Ru Agent"
  • "Ucell Portal"
  • Internet Mega-Boom
  • Monthly 4G Internet packages
or activated the connection packages:
  • "Huawei P7"
  • "Galaxy Ace"
  • "Modem", "Modem+"
  • "Modem Turbo+"
  • The modem for the House
  • "4G modem"
  • "4G wifi router"
MBs included are only available in the active status.

Torrent files (downloading files, torrent protocols, bittorent) which are downloaded from websites (including websites within TAS-IX) will spend outside traffic within another internet package or occur charges from the balance according to the terms of tariff plan.

The list of IP addresses included in the TAS-IX zone can be downloaded here. The discount package is valid only when visiting the web sites (HTTP and HTTPS)

In case the website stated to be in the TAS-IX zone is not included in the list of IP addresses specified above, the Company is not responsible for the traffic spent.

It is important to remember that when loading sites with the correct IP-addresses from a personal computer or any other device on the websites third-party resources animated ads can also be downloaded that will spend money from your main account.
When you use the Internet from a smartphone or tablet, money from the main account will be spent for background data downloading (updating applications, notifications from messengers and others.).
In order to avoid cases of additional money expenses for the Internet traffic costs according to the tariff of the subscriber, the subscriber is recommended to have one of the Internet packages to the external Internet traffic.
The service is intended only for subscribers with a positive limit on charges. In the case when limit on charges installed at zero or the limit reached zero, The Company does not accept any claims and shall not perform the recalculation for the rendered services.


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