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The zone charging in roaming

The zone charging in roaming

We inform you that from December 6, 2017, the activation of International Automatic Roaming service will be temporary unavailable. Now while traveling abroad you can use only "Roaming-Online" service.

For more information regarding available services and destinations, please follow the link

We inform you that from January 15, 2018 having  International Automatic Roaming service active, such services as Waiting/holding of call and Conference calls in roaming will not be available!

INTERNATIONAL AUTOMATIC ROAMING (IAR)– this service allows Ucell subscribers to use their Ucell phone number abroad, while being in the network of a foreign cellular company with the condition that this operator is a roaming-partner of our company.

At the moment Ucell provides the international automatic roaming service within more than 160 countries of the world and more than 330 networks.

For all calls made in networks of roaming partners, you pay in national currency of the RUz – UZS. 

If your balance has less than 210500 UZS, Ucell has a right to stop your access to IAR. You can use IAR service if you have 421000 UZS or more in your account (including VAT). When you use international automatic roaming the billing of charges may be delayed up to 30 days. 

How to activate IAR (International Automatic Roaming) service

Do not forget to find out if the roaming service is provided at your current location. In order not to waste time and to avoid possible confusion, we strongly advise you to contact the head office of our company.

Name Price
Subscription to IAR 0 UZS
Subscriber fee per month 0 UZS
Recommended prepayment 421000 UZS and more

For your convenience, the Company provides opportunity to activate Roaming-Online service (Camel technology) for Postpaid subscribers.

How does "Roaming-Online" service work?

Ucell offers two types of "Roaming-Online" service:

"Camel Not Full Roaming" – is roaming in all Camel roaming partners of Ucell excluding bordering to Uzbekistan countries (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan).
If you are often located in near border area it is recommended to activate this roaming in order to avoid unauthorized activation of roaming in the border areas of Uzbekistan.

"Camel Full Roaming" – it is roaming in all Camel roaming partners of Ucell including bordering to Uzbekistan countries.

A list of countries and operators, which is available for "Roaming-Online" service, you can find here

For Roaming (IAR) and "Roaming-Online" services activation ("Camel Not Full Roaming" or "Camel Full Roaming"), corporate customers (legal entities and indivuduals) should provide a written request to the Company on behalf of the person for whom the relevant account numbers.

For corporate clients of “Individual” and “Corporate VIP” categories Ucell provides the opportunity to activate the "Roaming-Online" service (Camel technology) using USSD *155#. Now there is no necessity to come to the company’s office, turn roaming service on dialing *155# USSD-command. Service subscription is free.
In case, subscriber has already activated “IAR roaming” service, activation of “Roaming-Online” service is not available.

Dialing instructions of outgoing calls outside Uzbekistan:

From the networks of roaming-partners to Uzbekistan: +998 (city code⁄operator’s code) (phone number)
To the number of Ucell subscriber: +998 93 (phone number) or +998 94 (phone number)
To the international number: +(country code) (city code/operator’s code) (phone number)

What to do if you have a problem with connection

First of all, make sure that your cell phone is properly configured to the network of one of roaming-partners of Ucell. If your phone can not configure to the network of roaming-partner automatically, you will have to do it manually. How to do this is detailed in the user’s manual of your phone or in the menu of your phone.

If you still can not configure it yourself, then you will have to call customer service in Uzbekistan and tell about your problem.

Contact customer service of Ucell via all day phone: +998 93 1800000, +998 93 1810000 and we will answer any of your questions. Calls are charged according to the "Outgoing call to Uzbekistan" tariff in roaming.

Zones and
Calls to
Calls in other
SMS Internet
6315.00 UZS 5052.00 UZS 4210.00 UZS 21050.00 UZS 757.80 UZS 1894.50 UZS 105250.00 UZS
Zone 2.
7788.50 UZS 10104.00 UZS 6315.00 UZS 12630.00 UZS 1684.00 UZS 1894.50 UZS 105250.00 UZS
Zone 3.
CIS countries
12630.00 UZS 7578.00 UZS 8420.00 UZS 30312.00 UZS 2105.00 UZS 79990.00 UZS 105250.00 UZS
Zone 4.
25260.00 UZS 10104.00 UZS 7578.00 UZS 30312.00 UZS 2526.00 UZS 92620.00 UZS 105250.00 UZS
Zone 5.
25260.00 UZS 15156.00 UZS 7578.00 UZS 35364.00 UZS 2526.00 UZS 84200.00 UZS 105250.00 UZS
Zone 6.
Africa and America
25260.00 UZS 10104.00 UZS 10104.00 UZS 30312.00 UZS 2526.00 UZS 84200.00 UZS 105250.00 UZS
Zone 7.
Other countries
54730.00 UZS 10104.00 UZS 10104.00 UZS 54730.00 UZS 2947.00 UZS 84200.00 UZS 105250.00 UZS

Map of roaming area

All prices include VAT. Calls are charge per minute, rounded up to whole minutes in a big way. The quota of tariffed information for mobile Internet – 16 KB.


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