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Mobile connection as a gift

50% discount on additional services
of fixed line

Mobile and fixed communication
services in a single window

Choose the appropriate package with the required internet speed and the number of SIM cards.
Depending on the package you have chosen, you can activate additional fixed line services with a 50% discount. The number of additional services depends on the package you have chosen.

Internet access speed, Mbps
(from 09.00 to 21.00).
Number of Bonus SIM Cards Provided Internet access speed, Mbps
  (from 21.00 to 09.00).
Paid traffic volume, Mb/month Subscription fee, per month/UZS (with VAT) 50% discount for add. fixed line services (number of services)
5 1 1 unlim 300000 1
10 1 1 unlim 550000 1
15 1 1 unlim 800000 1
20 1 2 unlim 1100000 1
25 1 2 unlim 1350000 1
30 2 3 unlim 1650000 2
35 2 3 unlim 1786000 2
40 2 4 unlim 2068000 2
45 2 4 unlim 2303000 2
50 2 5 unlim 2585000 2
55 2 5 unlim 2820000 2
60 2 6 unlim 3102000 3
65 2 6 unlim 3195000 3
70 3 7 unlim 3465000 3
75 3 7 unlim 3690000 3
80 3 8 unlim 3960000 3
85 3 8 unlim 4185000 3
90 3 9 unlim 4455000 3
95 3 9 unlim 4680000 3
100 3 10 unlim 4950000 3

50% discount on digital services:
Landline, Data transmission channels, IPTV, Static IP address

High-quality telephony for business:
high-quality sound, high stability and reliability of communication

More details

Private virtual network of your enterprise.
Link geographically distant
branches of the company

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Business news, politics and analysts -
get the information you need at work

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Permanent IP address for connection
payment terminals, ATMs, video surveillance, etc.

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  • Tariffication over the limit
    The tariff offer for mobile communications is valid only for the "Profitable union" package

    Tariffication over the limit
    Type of call Cost of 1 minute of airtime
    Outgoing calls within corporate group 0 soum
    Outgoing calls within network 84.2 soums
    Outgoing calls within Uzbekistan 126.30 soums
    Type of message Cost of 1 message
    Outgoing SMS within corporate group 0 soum
    Outgoing SMS within network 84.2 soums
    Outgoing SMS within Uzbekistan 84.2 soums
    Outgoing international SMS 1000 soums
    Outgoing MMS within corporate group 0 soum
    Outgoing MMS within network 84.2 soums
    Outgoing MMS within Uzbekistan 210.5 soums
    Outgoing international MMS 1263 soums
    Internet Cost of 1 MB
    Ucell Internet 421 soums

    • In case of spending the entire included Internet traffic limit, the Internet is not charged and the Internet speed is reduced to 32 kbps according to the terms of your tariff plan;
    • To increase the speed after spending the Internet traffic limit, the client can dial the USSD request * 605 # to activate the "Turbo Button" service and use the Internet at a price over the limit;
    • After spending the included Internet traffic limit, the subscriber can activate other Internet packages only after activating the "Turbo Button" service;
    • Internet packages "Gigamania", "Smart Internet" and "Internet Block" services are not available on the tariff
    • The provided minutes for calls and the Internet within the tariff are reset to zero according to the calendar schedule;
    • Calls to infotainment services and international destinations do not consume minutes / MB / SMS provided within the limits of the tariff plan;
    • Dedicated minutes, MB, SMS provided within the limits under the terms of tariffs are not available for subscribers in roaming;
    • From this corporate tariff plan it is possible to switch only to corporate tariff plans of the "Smart Business", "Gigaman" tariff lines, the "Corporation Choice", "Fact Plus", "Unlimited" tariff lines;
    • The presented tariff plan of "COSCOM" LLC was developed for the fair use of communication services. By using the services of the Company, customers undertake an obligation not to use the Company's tariff plans for commercial purposes to install gateways to the fixed-line network and IP-telephony, leading to a malfunction of the equipment or communication devices of the Company;
    • Using the services of the Company, subscribers undertake:
    - not to take actions that may harm COSCOM LLC;
    - not to abuse the right to use the Company's communications in other forms;
    - use the services of the Company within the framework of their main purpose.
    • In case of doubts or disputable situations regarding the fair use of communication services, COSCOM LLC reserves the right to terminate the Agreement or change the Client's tariff plan.
    • Prices are indicated including VAT.


    The maximum period for blocking a number is 90 days.
  • Additional terms

    Rules for writing off subscription fees for packages "Profitable union"

    1. The subscription fee is debited once a month.
    2. All services in the complex package are subject to a prepaid settlement system.
    3. The main service of the package is Wired Internet.
    4. The subscription fee for digital services as part of the package is debited in full, a 50% discount on the subscription fee for digital services is reflected in the amount of the bill for the reporting month.
    5. The subscription fee on the day of package activation is debited in proportion to the number of days left until the end of the current month.
    6. To connect the complex package, two contracts for communication services are concluded with LLC "COSCOM" (mobile communications) and LLC "Nano Telecom" (wired Internet, digital services).

    Connection rules, changes in services in packages

    Connection of basic services (Wired Internet and mobile communication) as part of the package is carried out simultaneously in accordance with the terms agreed with the Subscriber.
    2. To activate the package, the Subscriber must leave a request on our website or at the Company's office. The operator or office employee will contact you and specify all the necessary parameters of the service.
    3. Upon request, a check will be made of the technical possibility of connecting the Internet:
    - If there is a technical possibility of connection, then a commercial proposal will be prepared for you and offered to sign an agreement. Qualified employees of the partner will carry out the installation and installation of the necessary equipment.
    - If there is no technical possibility of connection, our partner "Nano Telecom" LLC will prepare a proposal for the construction of a network with the subsequent development of a project for connecting to the Internet.
    The cost of connecting to the Internet service may vary depending on the equipment, connection conditions and individual service settings.
    4. "Connection of mobile communication as part of the basic service for existing corporate clients is carried out only in the absence of accounts receivable on previously concluded contracts for the provision of mobile communication services with COSCOM LLC".
    5. Connection of digital services with a 50% discount on the subscription fee as part of the package can be made on any day of the calendar month as agreed with the client, but not earlier than the activation of a comprehensive package with basic services (Wired Internet and mobile communications).
    6. Changing the tariff plan for the main Internet service, as well as changing tariff plans for digital services as part of the package, is possible from the 1st day of a new month with the signing of an additional agreement to change the terms of service provision 5 days before the introduced changes.
    7. When blocking a personal account for receivables for digital services and wired Internet, mobile communications will also be blocked.
    8. Termination of the agreement for the package in whole or for the basic service (Wired Internet) will lead to the disbandment of the package, the cancellation of discounts on digital services and the change of the tariff plan for mobile communications as part of the package to the current commercial tariff plan for corporate clients. Tariffication of digital services and mobile communications in case of disbandment of the package or disconnection of the main service will be carried out in full according to the tariff plans for digital services and mobile communications.

    1 The complex solution "Profitable union", hereinafter referred to as the "Package" is a set of telecommunication services for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, provided by COSCOM LLC (provision of mobile services) and Nano Telecom LLC (provision of broadband Internet access services, IPTV data transmission, landline), if technically possible, through client equipment. Obligatory services of the Package are wired Internet and mobile connection.
    2 Wired Internet service is provided using FTTX technology.
    3 The cost of the package is indicated with VAT, when calculating the cost, the price without VAT is applied, obtained by dividing the price indicated in the price list by the VAT amount as of the date of the service.
    4 Digital services available for connection within the package: landline, data transmission channels, IP-television, static IP-addresses.
    5 For digital services included in the package, there is a 50% discount on the subscription fee.

    If you have any questions, you can see the answers to them in the FAQ section. If you did not find your question in the list, call us at 8111 (only for Ucell subscribers), (+998 93) 382-09-09, 184-09-00 or write to Our fax: (+998 71) 252-10-00.

    Fixed-line services are provided by the partner of "Nano Telecom" LLC under the license of the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan AA No. 0006192 dated 02.06.2017. Detailed information on fixed communication services on the partner website


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