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Access to the site is free for Ucell subscribers.
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Women in cybersecurity

The OSCE in Uzbekistan and Softline Education, with the support of the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, organized a seminar on training and professional development of cybersecurity specialists. A special feature of this seminar was gender representation. It was attended by girls and women of IT and cybersecurity specialists.


Ucell's fastest runner

Farhod Burkhanov, a regional business segment service operator, became the fastest among the Usell colleagues at the Samarkand Marathon. The Samarkand resident ran the 2 km distance in 10 minutes and overcame it in 9 minutes 51 seconds.


Smartfonlarning yangi – Wiko fransuz brendi endi O‘zbekistonda!

Ucell O‘zbekiston bozorida birinchi bo‘lib Wiko brendi smartfonlarini taqdim etmoqda. O‘n yildan oshiq tarixga ega bo‘lgan bu brend fransuzcha nafosat va hashamdor dizaynni Xitoy texnologik innovatsiyalari bilan samarali birlashtirgan.


IT Parkning mingta rezident kompaniyalari

IT Park rezident kompaniyalari soni bugungi kunga qadar 996 taga yetib, yil boshidan buyon 190% oʻsish koʻrsatkichiga ega boʻldi! Shu bilan birga, 736 ta kompaniya Toshkentda, 260 tasi esa viloyatlarda joylashgan.


Jizzax viloyatida Sayyor qabul

Jizzax viloyati Paxtakor tumanida Axborot texnologiyalari va kommunikatsiyalarini rivojlantirish vazirligi tashabbusi bilan jismoniy va yuridik shaxslar uchun ochiq sayyor qabul bo‘lib o‘tdi.


Uzbekistan has improved its position in the Technological Readiness Index

On November 16, 2022, the World Bank Group published the report "GovTech Maturity Index 2022", according to which Uzbekistan took 43rd place (+37 positions compared to 2020) out of 198 countries and moved into group "A" among the leading countries in the field of digital transformation in government and the public service sector. The group includes 69 countries, leaders are: the Republic of Korea, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

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