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  • Operator of the service office Jizzakh

    Region: Jizzakh

    Department: Mass segment sales and service department

    Official duties

    •  ·             Subscribers help desk;
    •  ·        Preparation of contracts for the Company's services, implementation of the primary service package, setting up the Internet on mobile devices, explanation of the peculiarities of work with a cell phone and work with USSD requests;
    • ·        Provision / Suspension / Activation / Deactivation of numbers / services to Subscribers, and suspension / blocking of Subscribers in the billing system;
    • ·        Replacement of SIM cards according to received letter from Subscribers;
    • ·        Guarantee agreement preparation;
    • ·        Renewal and termination of the contract on provision of Company services, returning funds to Subscribers;
    • ·        Issuing service invoices to Subscribers;
    • ·        Acceptance of requirements, requests, complaints and suggestions from Subscribers;
    • ·        Work with incoming letters/correspondence from Subscribers;
    • ·        Control of Subscriber accounts receivable;
    • ·        VIP Subscribers service (if necessary, with departure on site);
    • ·        Participation in implementation of loyalty programs;
    • ·        Release (deactivation of Subscribers) the number capacity;
    • ·        Provision of timely reporting and documentation.

    We offer

    • ·       Code of ethics, built on respect and honesty;
    • ·        Working environment in a team of professionals, where you will feel like a member of a big family;
    • ·        We appreciate open, honest and hardworking employees. It is important for us that you achieve your goals and contribute to the overall goals of the Company.

    Required skills and qualifications

    • Higher or specialized secondary education;
    • Experience in providing services/education/sales or servicing consumer requests for at least one year;
    • Russian, Uzbek and any other foreign languages
    • Propensity to work with clients.
    • Knowing modern principles of ethics and psychology of communication with Subscribers.

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  • According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the term of consideration of applications, including treatment, associated with the quality of provided services, the coverage of the network, and additional services of the Company, can reach up to 30 calendar days, if necessary;
  • The maximum number of reference per day with the help of «Feedback»form: 5 times;
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