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Social event "40 chinaras from Ucell"

Social event "40 chinaras from Ucell"

On November 9, at the intersection of Sadykjon Tolipov and Bobur streets, near the International Airport “Tashkent” named after Islam Karimov, employees of COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) planted 40 plane trees.

The problem of ecology is worrying the whole world today. With the development of scientific and technological progress, our cities are increasingly suffering from harmful exhaust from cars and factories. We take so much from nature, but so rarely thank and try to give it something. It is the duty of each person to take care of beloved city, to keep it clean and green for future generations. In this regard, Ucell conducted a campaign to plant trees.

At nine a.m. in the morning, volunteers from Ucell Company were already fully equipped. For someone, this was the first experience and the first planted tree; for someone else this is not first time. Before planting some instructions were given by landscape design specialists from OOO Landscape Group in order to make the result of the work worthy and to ensure that every seedling will take a root.

A total of foutry 3-4 years old trees were planted. Each seedling was specially prepared for planting within one year.

Tatyana Yugay, landscape designer:
— Chinara or sycamore is enjoyed respect and love all over the world. This tree has a lot of advantages. Chinara is a long-liver, it is unpretentious to many external factors and practically does not need special care. Thanks to the wide root system, it calmly reaches groundwater and does not require regular watering. Chinara is ideal and indispensable for our cities.

Many employees came with members of their families.

Feruza Yusupova, quality managment system and process coordination specialist :
— I remember in childhood I went to visit my grandparents. They had a large yard with many trees. When I was 6 years old, I planted my first tree in this garden. I am very glad that Company organized such an action. It found a response in the hearts of many colleagues. The city needs trees. It is pleasant to know that I can make at least a little benefit to my hometown. I hope our action will become an occasion to think about the state of nature and plant even more trees in the city.

A mini-breakfast with hot drinks and sweets was organized for the participants to reinforce and enhance the working spirit. The emergency medical service functioned throughout the entire working time.

Positive emotions and noble work made the autumn morning bright and unforgettable. Employees of the Company hope that “40 seminars from Ucell” will delight residents and guests of the capital for many more years.



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