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Ucell supports youth startups

Ucell supports youth startups

On Saturday, December 12, a meeting with foreign investors, representatives of Ucell and IT park was held at Amity University in Tashkent.
Within the framework of the meeting, the program from IT Park, the purpose of its creation, as well as the achievements and results of the program participants were presented.
And also a pitch session was held, in which 10 accelerated teams took part. To summarize the results, the teams presented startups for 10 minutes. After that, the jury consisting of representatives of Ucell and IT Park assessed the presentation of the projects and made proposals for further cooperation.
Within the framework of the event, foreign investors, representatives of the organizing companies, as well as speakers and trackers who participated in the program from IT Park, spoke. The event was organized with the support of Amity University, "COSCOM" LLC (Ucell trademark) and IT Park.

General information:
IT Park together with Ucell organized an accelerator for startups wishing to implement their project and develop it to the level of a full-fledged company. “Business Accelerator Ucell is a corporate accelerator that is a social institution for support of startups. The concept describes both institutions and the programs of intensive development of companies organized by them through mentoring, training, financial and expert support in exchange for marketing support and promotion of selected projects through the available Ucell communication channels. Thus, Ucell contributes to the development of the IT ecosystem and supports young startups. "
The story about Demo Day today and tomorrow on the air of UzReport TV in Uzbek and Russian.
Jakhongir Rajabov, IT-Park Acceleration Manager:
"Today is a very important day. Ten teams that were selected for pitch day performed and showed results in two months of hard work with IT specialists, mentors and coaches. Ucell is the first large company in Uzbekistan that has taken the initiative to support young startups, I hope in the future more enterprises will be interested in introducing innovations through corporate accelerators."
Dilya Alimova, winner of the second Ucell accelerator, co-founder of OSTO:
“After graduating from university, I had no practical knowledge in the field of business. I had an idea to create an online store, but I did not know how and where to start. The acceleration program helped develop the project from scratch. At the moment, our OSTO project is one of the most popular online stores in our country, than I am grateful to this program, because it was here that our team learned how to properly present a product to attract investors."
Alexander Korobin, program participant, leader of the Vzhikh project:
“Our project was almost completely ready from the technical side, but we lacked knowledge in management, marketing, branding and pitching - these are the final touches that the accelerator helped us fill in. The organization of the program was at the highest level, all experienced lecturers and coaches were happy help us with any request. We got into the community where we acquired invaluable networking in our field."


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