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Eco-hashar at Ucell

Eco-hashar at Ucell

On the eve of Navruz holiday, Ucell company held another ecological action and planted 170 Indian lilac bushes, 40 paulownia seedlings and 10 chestnuts in specialized school No. 3 with in-depth study of information technologies in Urtachirchik district of Tashkent region, taken under the patronage of Ucell.

Remaining not indifferent to environmental issues, Ucell starts green promotions with the arrival of spring. In 2019-2020 Ucell volunteers participated in planting five park zones in Tashkent, planting 653 seedlings: plane trees, maples, Lenkoran acacias, paulownias, lilacs and chestnuts. There were plantings of Indian lilacs and Spanish drakes in the cities of Karshi and Navoi. In October last year, the first large-scale environmental campaign was held in Termez, during which 1200 chestnut trees were planted in honor of the 1200th anniversary of Abu Isa at-Tirmizi and Al-Hakim at-Tirmizi.

Hashar is one of the most noble traditions of the Uzbek people. Throughout the country, every year people on a voluntary basis gather and ennoble the territory of public places, clean and green cities. This wonderful tradition has always found a response in the hearts of Ucell volunteers.

This year the Company has planted: 170 Indian lilac bushes, 40 paulownia seedlings and 10 chestnuts on the territory of the specialized school No. 3 with in-depth study of information technologies in the Urtachirchik region.
The school is assigned to the Ucell Company in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 6, 2020 "On measures to further improve the education system in the field of information technology, the development and integration of scientific research with the IT industry."
Volunteers of Ucell Company and employees of the Department of Improvement of Tashkent region took part in the ecological hashar. The action was carried out subject to the rules of the quarantine regime.

Bakhtbergen Koldarbekovich Khudayberganov, director of specialized school No. 3:

 A wonderful tradition in the springtime to organize khashars and plant trees. Ucell annually participates in environmental campaigns and plants trees in Tashkent and regions. I am very glad that our school was chosen as the object of landing this year. Such actions form a responsible attitude to the environment in society, as well as instill in the growing worship of love and respect for nature. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ucell for the initiative. For my part, I can add that we will do everything so that the trees take root well and a shady meadow forms next to our school.

Sunnat Rakhmankulov, Public Relations Specialist, COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark):

— Have you noticed how easily and calmly it becomes in the shade of a large tree? A sense of calmness, peace and relaxation comes next to the trees. In the modern urbanized world, more and more often you want to be alone with nature. It's great that the Company organizes tree planting events. I always take part in them with pleasure. It's nice to feel that you are contributing to the ecology of the country.

The tree species was selected after consultation with specialists in landscape design and agronomists for the improvement of Tashkent. All varieties are perfectly suited to local climatic conditions. The seedlings are at least three years old, and the height is 2 meters and above.

So, through joint efforts, 220 seedlings were planted, which will soon give the residents the coolness of their foliage on hot days. Following the traditions, Ucell organized refreshments for all participants. 

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