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Flowers from Ucell

Flowers from Ucell

The COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) always supports environmental campaigns. In the spring of this year, we took, in various forms, participation in four campaigns for planting seedlings of trees and shrubs in Tashkent, Navoi and Karshi.

Despite everything, spring is a traditional time for planting trees. After the quarantine, the owners of private houses and summer cottages went headlong into gardening: they planted trees and flowers around the house.

Readers of our site remember that even before the quarantine was announced on March 14, Ucell presented the capital with 132 lilac bushes.
Due to quarantine measures, the Company temporarily abandoned large-scale environmental actions, but did not abandon the idea of giving trees to the inhabitants of the city. Purchased earlier 193 seedlings of lilacs from Ucell Company and one seedling from Evgenia Muminova were transferred to the main agronomist of the city of Tashkent Khushnud Yakubov.
The employees of the City improvement Department of Mirzo-Ulugbek district performed their work brilliantly. We hope they liked the samsa, which was brought at lunch by the staff of the Office of Public Relations of the Company #Ucell.
Now the whole alley at the address 1-passage of Amir Temur is planted with lilacs.
In Navoi, employees of the regional branch, following the example of colleagues, also managed to plant 25 bushes of lilac near the office, transferred from Tashkent.
Alisher Gapparov, acting regional director of “Ucell-Navoi”:
— In order to protect employees as much as possible, we did not attract a large number of people and planted seedlings together with a specialist in the administrative department. When planting, we followed the recommendations and we hope that all seedlings will take root and will bloom soon.

Recently, the staff of the regional office of Ucell-Qarshi purchased and handed over 80 seedlings: 40 Indian lilacs and 40 Spanish gorsey to the City improvement Department at the Karshi City Hokimiyat.
In agreement with the Department, it was decided to plant trees at the foot of the Glory Mound, where an alley and a garden for walking are being built today.
Malik Yusupov, acting regional branch of “Ucell-Karshi”:
—The climate in Kashkadarya region is sharply continental. In summer, the air temperature can reach + 60˚С, and in winter a dry cold wind blows. Not all plants can withstand and take root in such conditions. We chose shrubs based on the recommendations of city agronomists. Early in the morning, together with me, two office employees came and helped the workers in the landing. The place is very good, soon a beautiful alley and garden will appear here.

We hope that flowering shrubs will delight the eyes of guests and residents of Karshi and Navoi from year to year.
Promotions in the regions were organized with a minimum number of participants and taking into account the requirements of quarantine time.


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