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Growing up with Ucell. Employees and dealers about work at the Company

Growing up with Ucell. Employees and dealers about work at the Company

“Ucell-Buxoro” regional branch has been awarded the title of the best office several times and for four years now has not passed the championship in terms of planned testing among employees. In a digital environment, success is possible by investments in human resources and smart management. What employees and dealers say about working at the Company.

Firdavs Imamov, chief engineer of the regional branch of “Ucell-Buxoro”:

— There are 19 people in our group. More than 300 base transceiver stations are installed in Bukhara region today. The task of the technical group is to ensure uninterrupted operation of all equipment and the prompt elimination of any problems on the ground. In order the station to operate uninterruptedly around the clock, regardless of the power supply, the stations are equipped with mobile and stationary generators, as well as solar panels. Ucell always strives to keep abreast of the latest developments and is constantly working on expanding its network. For example, over the past three months 50 stations supporting 4G have been installed in the Bukhara region.
I have been working in the company for 9 years. I came as an ordinary specialist, now I occupy the position of chief engineer.
Our team is preparing a number of new projects. Soon you can witness changes.

Oybek Nasyrov, head of the customer service group in the Bukhara region:

— I have been working at the Company since 2002. During this time, tested myself in many positions, starting from the cashier and accountant. Today I hold the position of the head of customer service in the Bukhara region. The company gave me the opportunity to develop, taught me to follow a dream and always strive forward. Here I gained invaluable experience and found a real family in the face of colleagues. 18 years is not the limit. I hope to continue growing with Ucell.

Sukhrob Pulatov, head of the Sabina Begim AIR dealership:

— I opened the first dealer point in 2010. Within ten years, I made three from one point. Currently, six employees are involved in dealerships. I'm not just happy, but proud to represent the interests of Ucell mobile operator. The company keeps moving forward: a large number of base stations, wide network coverage, and good communication. The company promptly provides all the information about new tariffs, supplies with promotional materials, develops itself and makes it possible for dealers to develop. In the best traditions of the Company, we maintain the highest quality of service at points of sale. In the near future I want to open some more good points of implementation. Now I'm looking for suitable locations.



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