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Meetings in Gulistan and Jizzakh

Meetings in Gulistan and Jizzakh

When your subscribers are all over the country, sitting in Tashkent is not a great deal. First, general director started visiting regions, including the most remote corners. The principle of “Do as I do” stated working. Then the deputy general directors began to visit regions regularly. Let alone regional directors, who are constantly in touch with subscribers. If you read “Company News”, you see: almost every day there is news from a particular region of Uzbekistan.

Therefore, the director of the personnel management department, Aziz Karimov, together with the head of the personnel assessment department, Otabek Atakhanov, began a systematic visit to all regional offices. Wherever there are personnel, whereever there is work with people, there is the press service. It would have been a great mistake, not to use the opportunity to meet with employees of the Company and its partners.
The first trip is to the regional offices “Ucell-Guliston” and “Ucell-Jizzax”.

Meetings in the Syrdarya region, the city of Gulistan.

Bakhodir Umarov, chief engineer of the regional office of “Ucell-Sirdaryo”:
—Today 16 people work in my submission. The technical group serves subscribers from the Jizzakh, Syrdarya and Tashkent regions. We monitor the condition of 130 base stations in these regions. All engineers of the technical group have a specialized education.
Our main tasks:
• Maintain the integrity of base stations;
• Eliminate all malfunctions and accidents at the stations as soon as they are observed;
• Ensure 100% uninterrupted connection;
• Carry out active and passive technical prevention. Everything related to equipment is considered an active part. The rest is considered as passive part, like a cable tension, painting the frame so that nothing is corroded. This also includes ensuring an uninterrupted supply of electricity. We tighten the electrical contacts, change the machines, if necessary.

Bahodir Tashpulatov, dealer:

— For 12 years now, I have been cooperating with Ucell Company. The development is good; the attitude towards each dealer and the tariff is also good. Of course, as in any other company, there are ups and downs.
I will not say that there are no problems. Everyone needs a quality connection. If the quality of the connection is good, our work is also visible. Sometimes we do not know what to offer in response to complaints. We solve many problems locally, but we cannot solve the problems associated with the network. A second year passes, it gets worse, but there are no improvements. Honestly, the situation is so.

Ruslan Urunov, acting director of the regional branch of “Ucell-Guliston”:
— Today, in the Syrdarya region, we have 84 dealer points, there are 46 agreements, 8 mono-brand points (open in each district). Technical problems are handled by the technical team in Gulistan. There is a plan, next year 35 new sites will be built, now there is a search for places.
Two 4G stations were built in the direction of Yangier, the permission of the hokimiyat was also obtained for the construction of two more stations.
In Gulistan we built five 4G stations, next year it is planned to transfer the whole city to 4G.

Meetings in Jizzakh region, Jizzakh city.

Jahongir Fozilov, acting director of the regional branch of “Ucell-Jizzax”:

— Once a quarter, we collect all dealers and discuss all the problems associated with the needs and complaints of subscribers. We also listen to dealers' proposals on ways to increase sales and the subscriber base. We consider these proposals, summarize and transfer them to the head office. 90% of all offers find their application. It is effective. Dealers and subscribers are satisfied. Today, there is a problem with the speed of the Internet connection. However, I think this problem should be solved in the next six months.
We also installed 8 solar panels in hard-to-reach areas where there are problems with electricity and access. Four of them are already operating. Solar panels are efficient and necessary. They are gaining solar energy in batteries. During a blackout they are able to keep connection for about 6 hours. Also 4 generators were installed.
To date, there are 130 dealer points in the Jizzakh region. 16 of them are post offices, 11 mobile dealers, one medium, three mobile kiosks. They are located in strategic crowded places. Today, large-scale construction work is being carried out in the region, markets are expanding, and new “Obod Qishloq” houses are being built. In this regard, we plan to increase the number of dealer points.
Currently, the subscriber base and the number of base stations of Ucell Company are ahead of competitors.

The trip to Jizzakh was also meaningful.
While HR specialists talked with employees, I managed to make a small market visit.

Muhammadjon Norkuziev, dealer:

— Our office was opened on the “Eski shahar” clothing market as a standard mono-brand point in January 2016. God forbid, in 2020 it will be four years from the date of opening.
Now in our service we have all available numbers in the online database. For example, you came and ordered a number from us. Every day we work until six in the evening, other points can work until late night. Due to the fact that everyone has one base, it is likely that another dealer will sell the number before morning.
How to get out of this situation? I do not know, I will not say that mono-points need a separate base. You probably saw small items along the way. If they do not have certain numbers, they will be able to forward customers to us. However, the base is the same for mono and multi-brand points. Because the database is available online, first come first served— this is business.  It is necessary to increase the competitiveness of mono points.
Since September 1, significant changes have been made to the remuneration system. Previously, regardless of whether I sold 1000 or 5 numbers, the amount would not change. Now, earnings directly depend on how many numbers I sell. 35% of total income is allocated. This month I have already felt the difference.

The address of the following trip: Samarkand.


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