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Mini eco-action in "Ucell-Urgench"

Mini eco-action in "Ucell-Urgench"

The top photo of the Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorsky, dated 1906-1911, shows a noble sada-karagach.

His contemporary wrote more than a hundred years ago: “Of the barren trees, karagach is widespread in Central Asia, which is grown in gardens and estates as a building material.
In many places the roads are also planted with Karagachs, which in this case represent shady alleys, on the sides of which the water of irrigation ditches (irrigation ditches) flows.
Karagach is bred in Turkestan in several forms, of which, due to its remarkable decorativeness and impenetrable shade from the spherical crown, the “sada-karagach” or “narvan” is interesting, found in individual trees in gardens, near mosques and mazars (tombs) ”.

In the pictures below, taken by me (B. Nasimov) in Urgench in May, you see a tree that locals call "gujum".
It is a sada-karagach, and vyaz, and also elm.

The mighty elm has a lush dome-shaped crown.
Due to the fact that the foliage is very dense, it is able to protect residential areas from gas, dust and dirty air, trapping them.
Karagach is both beautiful and gives a thick shadow.
Karagach is a fast-growing plant: in a year, the growth in height is about half a meter, while the trunk girth increases to 30 cm.
The height of an adult tree can be up to 40 meters.
A strong and well-developed root system of the elm goes into deep soil layers: with a trunk girth of 150 cm to a depth of 30 m.

As you can see on the top collage, we held a small environmental campaign in "Ucell-Urgench" and planted as many seedlings near the Regional Office as possible. The planet was improved by: Alisher Babadjanov, lead accountant, Maksud Saidov, employee of the AXO and Ibrat Shikhov, acting Regional Director of "Ucell-Urgench".
We agreed with Ibrat Shikhov by autumn to determine, together with the city (regional) khokimiyat, places with good land and watering in order to plant high-quality large-sized trees of the Gujum tree.
There will be more shadows in Urgench.
The same agreement exists with and. about. director of the regional branch "Ucell-Buhoro" Mehridin Mukhamedov. And we will plant elm there. We need a place and support from local authorities.
The fate of the seedlings planted in the spring by volunteers in Bukhara is now in jeopardy in June.
We are only for long-term projects.
Life expectancy is 80-120 years, they live up to 400 years.
Well, you guessed it?


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