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Mobile dealer from Ucell (video)

Mobile dealer from Ucell (video)

The Republic of Uzbekistan has 162 districts, 118 cities, hundreds of villages and thousands of makhallas. It is obvious that it is impossible and unnecessary to create dealerships in every locality of the country. Dealers of Ucell Company, possessing high mobility and knowledge of the realities of the local market, are capable of performing a huge amount of work.

The Mobile Dealer project is specially designed to create additional convenience for subscribers. Imagine a specially equipped car, a mobile showcase or a mobile counter with which you can quickly and efficiently serve subscribers right on the street. The subscriber does not need to rush around the city in search of the nearest office or stationary dealership.

All cars are equipped with printers and computers with Internet access.
During the quarantine and the introduction of restrictions on movement in settlements, the need for mobile dealers increased several times. It was necessary to deliver SIM cards to the most inaccessible areas. In this regard, the Company decided to expand the capabilities of mobile dealers.

Azamat Safayev, sales representative, sales department in the city of Tashkent:
- Mobile dealers have been traveling around the republic for several years and provide services of a mobile point of sale. Previously, we used exclusively Damas vehicles for these purposes. However, the quarantine forced a lot of business processes to be reconsidered. Traffic restrictions and road closures hampered our work, delaying the delivery period of SIM cards.

And then a new program, “mobile scooter”, was developed by our management? The scooter quickly delivered SIM cards to places where an ordinary passenger car would not pass. The project has successfully taken root and today “mobile scooters” are already driving around Tashkent and the regions. They provide the same services in an adapted and simplified form. In addition, the range of machines has been expanded. Today, we have mobile dealers providing services for Chevrolet Lacetti, Spark and even Captiva.

Today COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) successfully cooperates with 2500 dealers. The company regularly conducts trainings with the participation of sales representatives, travels to regional offices and holds meetings. All programs for dealers are unique and have no analogues in Uzbekistan.
Every day, a team of Ucell specialists works to bring innovative technologies to every corner of our country. Ucell strives to ensure that the best quality of life is useful for everyone and is available everywhere.
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