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Open Day at Ucell

Open Day at Ucell

At the main office of Ucell Plaza, an “Open Day” was held for students of Al-Khwarizmi Tashkent University of Information Technology (TUIT).
Students were able to visit the office of the Company and find out how he breathes, how he is inspired and how the workflow proceeds.

How do we usually imagine office work? Documents, computers and colleagues in business suits. All this may be true, but it is definitely not about open space at Ucell. The Company has 12 departments, each of which has several sections. In total, over one and a half thousand employees work at Ucell. The work is difficult, but very interesting. What is the secret of the Company?

It is all about the mood. The company strives to maintain a positive attitude and team spirit. Various events and promotions contribute to this. An example is not only joint work on projects, but also actions on planting trees, organizing children's New Year's holidays, corporate parties, social support for employees and much more.

It is all about the team. Work in the Company and the best team with which you can turn your dreams into reality!

It is all about us. Call center operators regularly improve their skills and move to other departments. Many department heads began their career paths as ordinary engineers or call center operators.
A graduate of TUIT, now an employee of Ucell, shared his story of success with students.

Shukhrat Begaliev, head of the department of the network control center:

— As a first-year student, I began working as a call center operator. It was very difficult to combine work and study. There were days when I slept two hours a day, I got tired and wanted to quit. Only thanks to the support of relatives and leadership, I was able to master everything. Today, I am the head of the department and in my subordination a whole team of specialists. Your future is in your hands, strive for self-improvement and be sure to achieve success.

A tour was organized for guests. And of course, it started with the technology department — the heart of mobile communications.
The department is responsible for connecting between subscribers, installing base stations, upgrading the network, operating and supporting technical equipment. Here are the real gurus of technology and information technology. The guys had the opportunity to personally communicate with the head of the mobile network operation department, Mirsaid Mirfayziev, the head of the access network department Nasretdin Saliev and other specialists. Someone from the crowd shouted: “Here are all our guys!” Many employees, including the general director of Ucell, once were graduates of the university of communications.

Sherzod Pulatov, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of "Mobile Communications Technologies":
— I have not yet gone through all departments of the Company myself. For students, the tour was super interesting. They were able to become witnesses and participants in the activities of the Company, to plunge into the process from the inside. Thus, young people can prepare themselves for future work, find a foothold and move on. Tomorrow, if they have a desire to work in this Company, they will prepare and come with a certain store of knowledge.

On the eighth floor, future signalmen met with the director of the human resources department. The department carefully and stage-by-stage recruits. The Company has a strong corporate culture. Along with each subscriber, Ucell supports and appreciates each employee. There are specialists who have been working in the Company for more than 20 years.

Aziz Karimov, Director of Human Resources Department:
— There is very strong competition in the mobile market. It is like a bicycle, you cannot stop, you need to constantly pedal - otherwise you fall. If two years ago, people were happy with 4G, but now we are talking about 5G. Today, the technology department employs more than 600 employees. Many people think that the work of engineers is simple. But this is far from the case: engineers are working in the field: installing base stations, repairing equipment, and maintaining communications. I can say to graduates of TUIT: try, study and go for it. Ucell can give you an excellent experience. Come: we recruit the best on a competitive basis.

Students also met with employees of the Business Partnership management and received information about the possibility of internships at the Company, learned more about the possibility of developing professional skills necessary for a successful career.

Aziza Mirabidova, magistrate of TUIT:
— Classes at the university are mainly theories. Today, we really felt what practice is, what work is. We realized and were convinced by examples that it is possible to grow and develop in the Company. I am a first year magistrate and this is the first event of its kind organized by large companies. It would be great to involve more students and show them that the prospects are here, in our country.

This is how informative and interesting passed the “Open Day” at the Company.



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