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Ucell Looks to a Public Cloud Future with ZephyrTel

Ucell Looks to a Public Cloud Future with ZephyrTel

Businesses celebrate three years of working in partnership to deliver digital communications excellence across Uzbekistan

ZephyrTel, a provider of public cloud solutions serving global telecommunications operators, and Ucell Uzbekistan, a mobile network operator company in Uzbekistan, are celebrating a three-year working partnership. Having implemented ZephyrTel's ResponseTek cloud-based Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution in 2017, Ucell is keen to develop the relationship further and to take advantage of ZephyrTel's public cloud vision.

Sergey Melnikov, CTO at Ucell, explains: "We have a commitment to empower Uzbekistan's society by driving digital transformation and enriching people's digital lives. Today, Ucell is the first largest mobile operator in Uzbekistan and we unconditionally appreciate that ZephyrTel helps us to achieve this. Future-proof vision for telecommunications providers, combined with its use of the public cloud and the sheer breadth of its solutions portfolio means
ZephyrTel is the perfect partner for us. We're keen to develop our long-standing relationship, moving our CEM deployment to the public cloud, something we're actively looking to explore further at the moment".

ResponseTek enables customer feedback to be captured as close to the customer experience as possible. This has allowed Ucell to continuously monitor and improve customer experience in real-time, optimizing experiences, services, and processes based on in-depth and in-context customer feedback and insight. ResponseTek underpins data-driven decisions across the business and has helped Ucell develop long-term, meaningful relationships with their customers.

Michael Speranza, CEO at ZephyrTel comments: "We're committed to maximize the value our customers gain from our solutions, and we're continually developing our offerings to revolutionize the cost equation for the Telco industry. And, with over 300 Telco customers globally, we're the industry leader in migrating Telcos to the public cloud. We have a great working relationship with the team at Ucell and we are exploring the option to move them to the public cloud which will result in a substantial reduction in Ucell's Total Cost of Ownership. It's something we're looking forward to delivering over the coming months, not only to Ucell but to all ZephyrTel customers around the world".

About ZephyrTel
ZephyrTel offers the largest breadth of solutions based on the public cloud to telecom operators around the world. Our strategy is to deliver solutions for the Telco space which are based on the public cloud and stand to truly transform our customers' businesses, revolutionizing the cost equation and make them more competitive. 

About Ucell Uzbekistan
Ucell is the first largest mobile network operator in Uzbekistan, owned and operated by the Uzbek company COSCOM. The Ucell network offers mobile telephony and mobile internet services in Uzbekistan using GSM, UMTS, HSPA, LTE and 5G technologies. Ucell was established in 1996 under the brand Coscom. In 2021 USM Telecom, MegaFon and Ucell, are creating Digital Holding, a joint venture designed to become the technological leader of the largest telecommunications market in Central Asia.

CONTACT: Simon Gilford, VP of Marketing,

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