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Regional office "Ucell-Samarqand" in quarantine conditions

Regional office "Ucell-Samarqand" in quarantine conditions

     Аfter the introduction of quarantine measures in the country, the management of the Company developed a long-term strategy in the pandemic. The main goal: the safety of both employees and subscribers. At the same time, it was extremely important not to reduce the quality of service for Ucell users in Samarkand region, to maintain all base stations in good condition. Here I would like to express my special gratitude to the management of the Company for taking care of each employee.
     In the Samarkand region, as in all regional offices of the Company, to ensure sanitary standards, which became much stricter under quarantine conditions, the following was introduced:
  • entrance disinfection tunnels were installed;
  • check at the entrance of all employees and subscribers by means of non-contact infrared thermometers;
  • all employees are provided with personal protective equipment, those who work directly with subscribers are provided with protective overalls;
  • Hand disinfection dispensers were installed;
  • four times wet cleaning in offices everyday;
  • a number of employees have been transferred to distance work.
     In Samarkand regional office, there are 237 sales points, working hard to raise sales during the quarantine period.
     Twelve dealers and four scooters deliver SIM-cards and other services to distant regions.
     Good cooperation carried out with corporate clients - services, connections, SIM-card delivery and other services of the Company.
     Daily technical works - maintenance of base stations, monitoring and elimination of accidents.
     Despite the quarantine restrictions, Ucell-Samarqand subscriber service department employees serving more than 3 thousand subscribers per month.
More than 30 thousand subscriber contracts are accepted and checked by the sales support department.

     During the pandemic, more requests on communication and Internet speed quality are increasingly being accepted, especially from distant regions.
The situation in the country and all over the world shows that the majority of services are switched to online mode and our direction plays a big role at a time.
     Technology is developing, subscribers are changing phones to more advanced devices.
     The whole field of education is moving to online lessons where you need quality and affordable internet.
All educational institutions in Samarkand have also switched to online education. The majority of students live in distant regions, where high quality Internet is needed.
     Now it is important for our Company to implement new technologies in distant regions, as there is a great demand for the Internet.

     Company have to be clear understanding, that implementing new technologies in Samarkand region, privilege shall be given to such densely populated areas as Urgut, Taylyak, Payarik, Kushrabad, Bulungur and Jambay.
Ucell is a leader on market share among cellular operators in Samarqand. At the same time, we need for clear understanding: without development of technologies we may concede the leadership to other cellular operators, implementing their 4G technologies, providing high-quality Internet.  Conceding leadership, what we would not like, we may lose quality subscribers and their trust, which means loss of the profit.
Kamol Mukhamadiev,
Acting director of “Ucell-Samarqand” regional office.


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