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"Ucell" ranks first in terms of the number of subscribers in Navoi region

"Ucell" ranks first in terms of the number of subscribers in Navoi region

The regional branch "Ucell-Navoiy" employs 50 employees. Subscribers of Navoi region are served by three offices - Navoi, Zarafshan and Uchkuduk.

“In addition, there are 103 dealer outlets throughout the region, of which 21 are mobile dealers,” says Alisher Gapparov, director of the Ucell-Navoiy regional branch. — In the context of a pandemic, these mobile dealers have become the foremost in the delivery of SIM-cards to subscribers' homes and service. For several years now, the Ucell company has been occupying the first place in terms of the number of subscribers in the Navoi region. 2020 has become a very productive year for us, we have achieved many of our goals. One of the main goals for 2021 is to remain at the top of the region. We are always happy to provide you with high-quality communication services.

"Ucell-Navoiy" Subscriber Service Department Manager Ulugbek Barnoev:

—10 operators provide high-quality services to subscribers. During the day, they serve 200-250 subscribers in the city of Navoi, 150-200 - in the city of Zarafshan and more than 100 - in the Uchkuduk region. Our main goal is to provide users with quality services, to study their problems and suggestions. For added convenience, we provide 7 days of service in our office. Even during the quarantine period, our office did not stop working in strict compliance with the quarantine rules.
We also spoke with the company's dealers. One of them is Shokhista Kurbonova.

— I have been a dealer of Ucell in the Navoi region since 2010. Basically, we issue SIM-cards, connect additional SIM-cards, work according to the requirements of each subscriber. "Ucell" launches promotions and bonuses, taking into account the needs of each subscriber. Dealers also receive incentives. We believe in the future of Ucell, says Shokhista.

— Since 2010 we have been cooperating with COSCOM LLC. When we first started, we only had one mobile company car. We now have two cars. In 2020, during the pandemic, we provided services to the population on bicycles due to restrictions on the movement of vehicles, '' said mobile dealer Shukhrat Tukhtaev.

Alisher Ibodullaev, Chief Engineer of the Ucell-Navoiy regional office, spoke about the technical processes being implemented in the region:

— The Navoi regional branch of the company employs 25 technical specialists who serve more than 200 base stations. 110 base stations have 3G networks, 107 - 4G networks, thanks to which all city and regional centers are connected to the Internet. The company pays special attention to ensuring uninterrupted communication in the production and mining areas of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine. 90 percent of the Navoi-Zarafshan-Uchkuduk highway, which is the longest in the region, is covered by the company's communications services. Our main goal is to provide our subscribers with uninterrupted and high-quality communication.


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