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Thank you for choosing Ucell

Thank you for choosing Ucell

A few days ago there was a latter to the Ucell subscriber to the virtual reception room of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Tabassum Kadirovna Alimova, a 25-year-old teacher, thanked the Company for affordable rates, responsive staff, and promotions for subscribers. A large family of COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) is sincerely grateful for the trust and choice of the Company.
Below you can find shortened content of the letter:

“Dear Shavkat Miromonovich.
I use the services of various telephone companies in the Republic. Among these companies I want to highlight the activities of the mobile operator Ucell, which operates at a high level. In particular, they organized simple, convenient and affordable tariffs for the population, the use of Internet packages. Operators faithfully carry out their duties. A vivid example of this is the way I was accepted during quarantine. They quickly resolved a question that I could not figure out on my own.
I saw how satisfied customers leave the front office of Ucell. In fact, I would like to talk to the manager and express my gratitude. Unfortunately, I could not meet with him because of quarantine measures. Therefore, I decided to testify to my gratitude and the exemplary organization of their work.
Dear President Shavkat Miromonovich, I would like to ask you to award the head and employees of this company in a special way, an Honorary Diploma. Because they solved my problem in 15 minutes.
They create many amenities for ordinary people.

Respectfully, Alimova Tabassum Kadyrovna, a 25-year-old teacher of the mother tongue and literature, a methodologist at the Ministry of Public Education, a journalist for the Economic Bulletin of Uzbekistan, today is a disabled person of the 2nd category. ”
(Provided in abbreviation).

Javlon Tuychiev, operator of the front office group:
— In everyday communication with subscribers, it is very important to be able to listen and quickly find the optimal solution to the issues they are addressing. During the shift, the operators serve hundreds of subscribers and for the two years spent in the front office, I gained invaluable communication experience.
Now, during quarantine, not many people visit front-offices, and we help call-center work. To everyone who comes, we explain that if problems arise, you can solve the problem remotely: by contacting the call center for help or finding information on the Company's website. If necessary, we deliver a SIM card to the subscriber. This makes them very happy. I remember well Tabassum opa. She came to the front office to change the tariff plan. We talked warmly and in the end, we connected her a new service, helped to install a couple of useful applications on the phone. Now the Company has simplified many procedures and now subscribers do not have to have a passport with them, another equivalent identification card is enough. For Tabassum Kadirovna, as example, we have provided services based on a pension book.

Company management encouraged the operator Javlon Tuychiev with a certificate of honor and a cash prize.

Every day, a team of Ucell specialists works to bring innovative technologies to every corner of our country. Ucell strives to ensure that the best quality of life is useful to everyone and accessible everywhere.

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