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Ucell: Flagman motivational program (video)

Ucell: Flagman motivational program (video)

"COSCOM" LLC (Trademark Ucell) has introduced a motivation program among regional branches - "Flagman". In early May, divisions from each region entered into business competition among themselves. And now the first winner has been announced.

Based on the results of business indicators for May 2012, the regional branch that demonstrated the best result was the “Ucell-Andijon” office.
The team of the leading region was awarded a challenge Cup with an engraved name of the winner and an honorary diploma. Each employee of the department who took part in the program received a cash bonus and a cash reward.

The main goal of the program is motivation to achieve high results. Today Ucell is faced with the task of significant modernization of its telecommunications infrastructure so that it meets the highest international standards. There is an urgent need to strengthen the involvement of every employee in the region in business processes.
Each month, the leader team will be determined according to such criteria as:
• New connections
• Dealer efficiency
• ARPU of new connections

Vladimir Kravchenko, General Director of “COSCOM” LLC (TM Ucell):
— Currently, we are all witnessing intense competition in the cellular communication market of Uzbekistan. There is a struggle for each subscriber in all segments. Various tariffs and services are being launched, new technologies are constantly being introduced, the industry is developing at a high pace. The Ucell team does not stand still, effectively responds to new challenges from competitors and sets a development trend.
In 2021, the Company is focusing on the development of the network and the quality of services provided. Our main goal is to provide the population of the country with access to high-speed and stable Internet. The existing base stations are upgraded and new ones are launched on a daily basis.
Today the Company places great emphasis on the regions: competitors do not sleep. It is necessary to critically assess the situation, to mobilize all the forces of the regional offices. That is why the Flagman program was launched. And according to the results of the first month, the winner region has already been determined. Congratulations to the Ucell-Andijon team on a well-deserved victory.

Bakhtiyorzhon Turdiev, Director of the regional department "Ucell-Andijon":
— The management of Ucell attaches an important role to development and training, career growth, motivation and involvement of employees.
I am glad that our office was able to achieve the best result among all branches of the country. Now, when we were the first to receive the challenge Cup, we will do everything so that the Cup does not leave Andijan. We will make every effort to increase the number of new high-quality connections, develop a dealer network and increase subscriber loyalty.

Ucell is confident that the victory of each Regional Branch is the victory of each employee of the Company.

With the help of modern technologies, Ucell tries to make the best quality of life available everywhere and useful to everyone.

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