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"Ucell-Navoiy" showed the best business result in June

"Ucell-Navoiy" showed the best business result in June

"COSCOM" LLC (Trademark Ucell) has introduced a motivation program among regional branches - "Flagman". Based on the results of business indicators for June 2021, the regional branch that demonstrated the best result was the “Ucell-Navoiy” office.

In early May, divisions from each region entered into business competition among themselves. The first winner was the regional office in Andijan. In June, the cup was transferred to “Ucell-Navoiy”. The team of the leading region was awarded a challenge Cup with an engraved name of the winner and an honorary diploma. Each branch employee who took part in the program received a monetary reward.
The main goal of the program is motivation to achieve high results. Today Ucell is faced with the task of significant modernization of its telecommunications infrastructure so that it meets the highest international standards. In particular, since the beginning of 2021, the following have been launched in the Navoiy region:
57 - 4G base stations,
21 - 3G stations
35 - 2G stations.
Today 4G covers 69.1% of the region's territory. Maintenance of base stations, monitoring and elimination of faults are carried out on a daily basis. Since the beginning of 2021, 156 storage batteries (AKB) have been installed and modernized in the Navoi region and 7 new solar stations have been installed at facilities.
Qualitative and quantitative changes in the company's network affect traffic consumption, so LTE traffic in the 1st quarter of 2021 in the Navoi region grew by 141% compared to the 1st quarter of last year.
There are 112 dealerships in the region today.

Akrom Najimov, Director of Sales and Mass Segment Service Department "COSCOM" (Ucell trademark):
— In modern conditions, management based on performance indicators is gaining more and more relevance. Such a system makes it possible to link the strategic goals of the Company with business processes. In Ucell Company we regularly conduct sales trainings, constant audit of service quality, adapt services to subscribers' requests and provide daily feedback. All this allows you to competently build a company policy.
Let me remind you that our main goal is to provide the country's population with access to high-speed and stable Internet.
According to the results of the first two months of business competition between regional branches, qualitative and quantitative changes are already visible.
To achieve global goals, it is necessary that all participants move in the same direction. The "Flagship" program takes into account both the interests of employees and the interests of business, which unites the entire team and each team member tries to make his own personal contribution to achieve a common goal.
Congratulations to the friendly Ucell-Navoiy team on the victory.

Alisher Gapparov, and. about. Director of the regional office "Ucell-Navoiy":
— How did we gain victory in June? From the outset, we set out specific deadlines and realistic numbers for each goal.
Made the assessment criteria simple and straightforward. Determined what actions are needed to improve the flowing performance of regional office.
We gave the opportunity to all sites to share with their ideas and suggestions to improve the current performance. We made general decisions based on the results of the discussion and assigned tasks to all employees. We opened a separate Telegram group Flagman Navoiy and monitored daily indicators in this group.
We organized field connections together with front office operators and mobile dealers in the field, where they launched new and modernized base stations on the air. On the ground, they organized meetings with mahalla committees and held open talks about the work to improve the quality of communication in the region. We constantly monitored the work of dealers to ensure the maximum activity of dealerships.
We will continue to develop new strategies to increase sales.

Ucell is confident that the victory of each Regional Branch is the victory of each employee of the Company.
With the help of modern technologies, Ucell tries to make the best quality of life available everywhere and useful to everyone.


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