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Ucell planted an alley of 132 lilacs to Navruz

Ucell planted an alley of 132 lilacs to Navruz

On March 14, responding to the call to take part in the national hash for the spring holiday “Navruz”, the LLC COSCOM Company (Ucell trademark) organized the planting of seedlings of 132 lilac bushes.

The lilac alley is located at the address 1 Amir Temur Passage, behind the head office of Ucell-Plaza.
With the participation of Ucell volunteers, three tree planting campaigns were held last year.
In August 2019, on the day of national hashar, employees took part in the first voluntary public campaign for planting trees “Green City” and took part in the planting of 105 seedlings.
In November, an independent action “40 sycomores from Ucell” was organized. Chinar grove appeared near the Tashkent International Airport. Islam Karimov.
In December, on the Sergeli massif, employees helped to break up a small public garden of 100 Paulownia from Victoria and 45 sycomores from Ucell.
Nowruz 2020 Ucell greets with planting beautiful lilac seedlings - as a symbol of spring. Family members of employees joined the landscaping.

Specialists-agronomists of the Main Department of Improvement of Tashkent conducted a landing training. The landing zone is equipped with an irrigation system and has good soil. Further care for green spaces management also takes over.

Vladimir Kravchenko, acting General Director of  COSCOM LLC(Ucell trademark):
− We grew up in the shade of the trees that have remained from our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Good deeds is the only thing ramining from  man. The goal of Ucell environmental campaigns is to contribute to the conservation of green alleys and parks of our beautiful city. Today a sapling - tomorrow a big shady tree. We hope that the lilac alley will make the capital a little more elegant and will delight the townspeople for many years. This is the first environmental action out of a series planned for 2020.

Gulshan Akobirova, Specialist, Public Relations Department, COSCOM LLC:

− A child participating in tree planting learns to understand and feel nature, to respect and appreciate all living creatures. Environmental campaigns are a great way to spend an active vacation with your family, help the city become cleaner and more beautiful, and in our case also raise the collective spirit.
A mini-buffet with hot drinks and sweets was organized for the participants to reinforce and enhance the working spirit. Also, the emergency medical service functioned throughout the entire working time.
Saturday sunny day was filled with positive emotions. The city has truly transformed on the eve of one of the oldest agricultural holidays on the planet -  Navruz. 


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