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Reliable communication for a million Samarkand residents (video)

Reliable communication for a million Samarkand residents (video)

Media tour of Ucell regional branches continues. The next story is about the regional branch "Ucell-Samarkand", which has won the trust of about a million subscribers of the region. This is the result of both the introduction of the latest technologies and an individual approach to subscribers and the hard work of the company's specialists.

- We strive to provide high-quality communication services in every district of the region, including the most remote. In order to study the quality of communication, we regularly visit places to meet with subscribers. As a result, a detailed plan for the development of the network in 2020-2022 was developed, - says Kamol Mukhamadiev, director of the regional branch of Ucell-Samarkand.

It is important to note that the company did not slow down its activities during the quarantine period. Samarkand regional branch serves subscribers 7 days a week without lunch and rest.

“I am in charge of the customer service group in the Samarkand region,” says the head of the subscriber department Venera Khwan.
- In the regional branch "Ucell-Samarkand" subscribers are served by two offices: Samarkand and Kattakurgan. We have 12 operators and we serve an average of at least 300 subscribers a day. Ucell has about 8 million subscribers in the Republic of Uzbekistan, of which about 1 million are residents of the Samarkand region.

At present, the rules of social distance, wearing medical masks are also observed, all employees are provided with personal protective equipment. The office is disinfected four times a day. Each subscriber who comes to the office is measured the temperature and each palms are treated with antiseptics. During the quarantine period, the company's management organized the movement of employees to and from work on duty vehicles.

- The population of the Samarkand region is served by 280 antennas. The main task of the technical team is to immediately take action in case of accidents and ensure uninterrupted mobile communication, regardless of the availability of electricity, says Sherzod Suleymanov, an engineer at the branch. - For this, local antennas are equipped with mobile and stationary generators and solar panels.
All these conditions and amenities are created for high-quality and reliable service to the population. Another achievement is the establishment of a home delivery system for SIM cards during the quarantine period.

- I have been cooperating with the regional branch of Ucell-Samarkand for three years. Today, five employees work in my dealership, ”said dealer Javokhir Melikov. - I was convinced that it was correct that my choice fell on this mobile operator. The company is reliable and has been winning the love of subscribers for many years. Ucell-Samarkand regularly offers interesting tariffs and services. The new tariffs proposed during the quarantine period are a prime example of this. The company is an industry leader that was one of the first on the market to introduce 4G and 5G technologies and has been working on the development of new services from year to year.

Regional branch of Ucell-Samarkand sincerely welcomes everyone in its office.


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