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Ucell-laboratory in Westminster University

Ucell-laboratory in Westminster University

             December 30th. Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT).
The grand opening of the new project Ucell-laboratory took place today in WIUT. Ucell-laboratory is a cooperative project of COSCOM LLC (Ucell trademark) and Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) ​​which is aimed to develop young talents and disclosure the potential of novice specialists.                                                                                                                                      
             In August of this year, there was signed a memorandum of cooperation between Ucell and WIUT. The Memorandum marked the beginning of the development of an interaction strategy: the main stages were determined, which will be implemented in the near future. One of the priority tasks was the implementation of the Ucell-laboratory project on the basis of the new university building. Ucell-laboratory is an opportunity of exchanging experience and gaining knowledge in the field of information and telecommunication technologies, as well as in the field of management and marketing.

             Farhod Nurmukhamedov, Deputy General Director of COSCOM LLC:
             - Today we - the Ucell team are attend at the opening of a new project. Many of us are graduates of the University of Westminster who hold leading positions in the Company. However, the goals of the memorandum, which we signed on August 28 and on which we are working, are not limited to training personnel for Ucell or even the ICT industry. We have taken and continue to take part in socially significant projects in our country, the listing of which would not be appropriate now. Because everything we do is for everyone. Likewise, Ucell's contribution to the development of Westminster University serves to train strong personnel for the country and in all sectors. The opening of the Ucell-laboratory project on the new year eve, which was declared the Year of Supporting Youth and Protecting the Health of the Population”, is gaining even greater significance for us.

             Bakhrom Mirkasimov, Rector of WIUT:
              - The goal of Westminster International University in Tashkent is to provide international educational standards and research opportunities that contribute to socio-economic and professional development in Uzbekistan and Central Asia in general. The new Uzbekistan requires new methods of teaching and learning. The Ucell laboratory project will provide new educational, scientific and innovative opportunities for students and teachers. It is a platform for the practical application of knowledge and skills in managing mobile networks and providing innovative solutions. 2021 has been declared the “Year of Supporting Youth and Strengthening Public Health”. Ucell-laboratory will be a great support for strengthening the knowledge of young specialists in the telecommunication services.
              WIUT creates a unique opportunity for students and teachers to integrate teaching, learning and research in the context of innovative solutions. The University provides students with internship and employment opportunities in partnership with leading companies in Central Asia and beyond. The innovation laboratory of entrepreneurship (innoWIUT Entrepreneurship Lab), created in partnership with SAP (Germany), serves as a platform for the training of highly qualified personnel of the international level, as well as the expansion of applied research activities in the field of modern ICT and innovative business solutions. The Career Center is a platform for supporting students and alumni in their employment. To date, cooperation has been established with more than 400 private and public organizations. Noteworthy fact: last year, 90 percent of WIUT graduates were employed within three months of graduation.

              The joint project Ucell-laboratory will serve as the beginning of a "factory of professionals" in the telecommunication field. At the moment, the laboratory includes an area for speeches and presentations, trainings and workshops, self-study and development, as well as a creative photo area.                                                                                                           
              The laboratory provides new trends of interactive and versatile learning: a screen for video, interactive whiteboard, shelves for book crossing. And all this is filled with a charge of positive mood: good emotions contribute to better assimilation and productive learning. The transforming auditorium of the laboratory allows both workshops in small groups and large events. Attention was also paid to the environmental friendliness of the room - plants will maintain oxygen balance.

              Also today were discussed the next stages of cooperation. In 2021 year, the practice of meetings between Ucell employees and students will continue to exchange experience and develop youth interest in the field of information and telecommunication technologies. These regular meetings allow students to get better acquainted with the activities of the Company and become successful candidates for an internship at Ucell.

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