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Ucell launches 5G in Tashkent

Ucell launches 5G in Tashkent

Ready to experience the space speed of 5G from Ucell? We are glad to announce that Ucell Company for the first time in Uzbekistan launches a fifth generation network, which you can already not only test, but also use. Moreover, today about 2500 Ucell subscribers have gadgets with 5G technology support.
The 5G industry is rapidly evolving around the world, bringing value to different sectors of the economy.

Fifth generation communication is not just super-fast Internet, but a completely different quality of services and life in general. In the context of mobile communications, the speed of 5G obtained in real conditions is about 1 Gbps. Measurements carried out using the SpeedTest service showed download speeds up to 1.3 Gbps. This means the data transfer rate is 10-100 times faster than 4G. In addition, the network offers the fastest response times for data downloads and the best support for artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Sergey Melnikov, I. о. Deputy General Director for Technical Issues:
— Ucell for the first time in Uzbekistan launched 5G communication in the territory of Tashkent City. The innovative base stations that we have installed will be able to provide reliable coverage within a radius of 500 meters. The company uses the most popular CBand frequency range today. The range is supported by all major 5G device manufacturers and with a heavy coverage it has a good capacity, which means that many more devices can work at the same time.

In matters of technical equipment and support for the implementation of the fifth generation network in the Uzbek market, Ucell relied on the many years of experience of the world leader in the field of ICT solutions Huawei. China has already installed over 600,000 base stations supporting over 160 million 5G connections nationwide. A wide range of 5G services are used in more than 20 industries.

Zhu Junliang, Deputy Director of Huawei in Uzbekistan:
—We are pleased to take part in the launch of a commercial 5G network for the telecom operator Ucell, thereby providing the residents of Uzbekistan with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the experience of fifth generation networks. 5G technologies have the potential to transform lifestyles and how people communicate, and create value outside of the consumer market, as a wide range of 5G services can be used by various sectors of the economy, including electricity, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, education, smart and safe cities. ...

In honor of the commercial launch of the fifth generation network, Ucell offers its subscribers a promotion: unlimited Internet in the 5G coverage area for 5 thousand soums for a period of five days.

Timur Yadgarov, Head of Mobile Internet Development Department:
— In order to activate the service, a subscriber just needs to contact one of the Company's service offices or the Call-center. After registration, subscribers will receive an SMS message with an invitation to connect to the network. We will set up a stand with 5G devices in Tashkent City, where everyone can appreciate the difference in capabilities - the speed of downloading "heavy" content, watching videos in 4K quality, virtual and augmented reality services.

The Company will gradually increase the number of 5G zones: be on the wave of innovations together with Ucell.

Note: The user base and the number of devices on 5G networks in commercial use have skyrocketed since 2019. By the end of 2020, 380 5G devices had entered the global market - 8 times more than a year earlier. 5G mobile users have grown to 220 million and wireless home broadband connections to 1.05 million, 17 and 21 times more than a year ago. Prices for 5G phones are also plummeting. There are already devices on the market with prices under $ 150 and about 30 options from the mid-to-low price range under $ 300. As the network expands and the user base grows, the ecosystem of 5G-enabled mobile phones will become as mature as 4G over the next two years.


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