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Ucell supports traditions that passed through centuries!

Ucell supports traditions that passed through centuries!

 Ucell supports traditions that passed through centuries!
Ucell, being the part of TeliaCompany Group of companies and providing communication services in Uzbekistan, also actively supports cultural heritage and values of the country. This year, Ucell is supporting the second festival of traditional textile “Atlas bayrami” (Festival of satin).
The festival will be held from September 6 to 10 of current year in Margilan. Its organizers are Ferghana Regional state administration and state administration of Margilan in close cooperation with many local and international partners – the Margilan center for development of crafts, UNESCO office in Uzbekistan, National commission of Uzbekistan on UNESCO affairs, DVV International, the Association of craftsmen “Hunarmand”, the Ministry of culture and sports affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, the National company Uzbektourism and the Association of cooks of Uzbekistan.
Commentary of the Director of Corporate Communications at Ucell, Rodica Verbeniuc: «Along with providing mobile communication services in Uzbekistan, the company pays special attention to its social strategy on promotion of cultural heritage and conservation of unique local traditions. For Ucell it is important to contribute in development of artisanship, promotion of national talents, also, creation of conditions for economic growth of population. Within framework of the festival, about 60 masters from whole country will receive qualified education, which combines old and modern knowledge: starting from traditional decorations, fibers and natural colors to modern tools for promotion of cultural product, such as Internet and social networks. «Atlas bayrami» reflects respect to unique traditions of local crafts, and Ucell shares will to save and pass them to the next generations by calling for cooperation which creates the beauty. We wish the Festival many years of flourishing and to become the product of quality and pride of all people of Uzbekistan”.
The purpose of the festival “Atlas bayrami” is support of the conservation process and recreation of traditional crafts, creation of conditions for development of quality craftsmanship and usage of crafts in creation of economically beneficial opportunities especially for women. Organizers are planning to conduct the second festival in a more spectacular format, note the beauty and variety of traditional and modern textile in Uzbekistan, which obtained important social and economic impulse of its development.
On the festival, along with leading masters of traditional textile and design, there will take part craftsmen who represent other kinds of applied arts of Uzbekistan, artistic scholars, art managers, specialists in the field of management of traditional crafts, interested partners and sponsors, local authority and public.
Purposes of the festival that is aimed at conservation of traditions, raising welfare of society and popularization of the region, which is rich for cultural heritage, have attracted attention of many partners, who expressed readiness to cooperate in organization of the festival – starting from private sector – companies like Council and ending with diplomatic representative offices, particularly, the Embassy of Latvia and other embassies who will present their traditional textile at the exhibition at Fergana local history museum.

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