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Ucell played tickets for the royal race!

Ucell played tickets for the royal race!

Ucell played tickets for the royal race! 
Developing business with the aim of providing high-tech services, Ucell launches a large number of campaigns to its subscribers. One of them was the promotional campaign "Internet Race 2016". Its idea is in the promotion of mobile Internet services on the market, popularization of modern mobile devices among users. In order to become the owner of the tickets to the Grand Prix of Formula 1, as well as solid prizes from Ucell it was necessary to use the mobile Internet and collect chances, stated the press office of Ucell.       
One would ask, what is common between the royal races and the mobile Internet? On the one hand the roar of the engines of the fastest machines on the planet, on the other hand - communication at a distance by means of wireless communication. Unity in speed! Speed itself is the main condition for victory both in the race and in the campaign.
"Bolide" of participants of Internet - racing from Ucell is a smartphone. Its "stables" is its manufacturer. "Peloton" is twenty-leading customers with the highest number of chances. But the main condition for the victory in the campaign is the speed and the amount of used mobile Internet. We remind you that the action lasted from 7 April to 26 June 2016. The first draw of chances was held on May 23. Then four 4G Android One smartphones, three 4G Samsung Galaxy Ace LTE style smartphones, and as many 4G Huawei E3272 modems found their lucky owners.
The final of the campaign has become an unforgettable occasion for the participants.  It was held at Ucell Plaza building. According to its tradition, Ucell organized a colorful event with vibrant entertainment, and the most exciting moments for the participants were "the finish" draw. Along with playing of Android One, Samsung Galaxy Ace LTE style smartphones, as well as the Huawei E3272 modems providing Internet work on the "fourth" speed, on this day the owner of the second main prize - a ticket for 2 people to Kuala Lumpur on Malaysian stage of the Formula 1 has come to light.
Commentary of Gulyamov Suhrob, the winner of the Internet race 2016 campaign according to the rating: “Internet helps me a lot in work and in life in general. Especially, mobile Internet, as it is always there with me. When I heard about the campaign, I decided to take this chance. It is very difficult to express all that I am now feeling. I am a longtime fan of royal racing. My favorite driver - Sebastian Vettel, who represents Ferrari team. Soon I will be able to attend the live event with his participation. It happens once in a lifetime.  Many thanks to Ucell for such a chance!".
"Dreams Come True!" - claimed many other participants of the campaign this day.  By the way, they have noted the fact that the quality of mobile Internet from Ucell markedly improved, and Internet services have become more diverse, which allows everyone to choose the most suitable service for him.
Commentary of Agshin Hajiyev, Director of Consumer Segment Department at Ucell "Ucell strives to make mobile internet more accessible. This also applies to the price and the speed, and its coverage. An effective solution to this problem, of course, to a large extent, depends on the number of Internet users among our subscribers. At the same time, this campaign is a stimulating component of the work only. The Company has implemented projects on technical modernization and expansion of the network throughout the country. And this, of course, creates new opportunities for universal promotion of Internet services on the market".
To date, more than 3 million subscribers of Ucell are active mobile Internet users.  This suggests that they are choosing the best speed for communication. Holding such campaigns undoubtedly contributes to increase of their number.

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