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Ucell opened its renovated office in Jizzakh!

Ucell opened its renovated office in Jizzakh!

Ucell opened its renovated office in Jizzakh!
On May 4, 2016, a renovated customer support office opened in Jizzakh. This was reported by press-office of Ucell. An official ceremony has united many honorable guests, subscribers and partners of the operator, representatives of mass media.
Opening of renovated office in Jizzakh is part of Company’s project on modernization of customer support network. The project envisages advanced interior design in a Nordic style by using ecologic materials and improved service standards. Top management of the Company considers that every detail is essential in service rendering- from style and furniture ergonomics to professional knowledge and skills of employees. No matter which region the company customer is in, he deserves offering of the best service – such is the business philosophy of mobile operator. Today, Ucell has 23 own offices located throughout the country, including Jizzakh.
«This year we had opportunity to bring joy to our subscribers by sharing many good news, — noted Tonu Grunberg, CEO of Ucell.  — Generally, it was about our price offerings, expansion of coverage area, and improvement of communication quality. Nevertheless, one of the major priorities of Ucell is always qualitative customer care. And we are glad to meet our subscribers at comfortable, up-to-date offices in whole Uzbekistan and offer them full package of services».
At refreshed office, all Ucell subscribers can conclude agreements on provision of mobile communication services, subscription to additional services, refill funds, use advices from skilled specialists on any issues related to mobile communication and services at Ucell. In other words, none of subscribers will not leave the office without being offered necessary information or services.
Bakhtiyor Juraev,Ucell subscriber, shared his opinion: «I am a Ucell subscriber for 7 years now. And it is nice to see that the company does not stand still. They constantly launch campaigns, present bonuses, complete different kind projects for people of our country, children. Another reason that I love it to be an Ucell subscriber is that Internet has become cheaper. Мне нравится быть клиентом Ucell, еще по причине того, что интернет стал доступным.  On this occasion, I wish Ucell further growth and development!».
Today, there are more than 400.000 subscribers of Ucell in Jizzakh region, 30% of whom are mobile Internet users. Reason of its popularity is in its communication quality – Ucell works flawlessly event in distant villages of the region.
Opening of the office traditionally accompanied by festive program and memorable gifts to subscribers of the Company within contest campaign “Join Ucell and get a gift”. Besides, people of Jizzakh had fun that day.
Ucell will keep investing in network infrastructure, construct base stations and enhance network coverage. Number of subscribers who use Internet is growing exponentially which proves availability and quality of Internet services of the operator. Network of own customer services offices is also enhancing which brings modern quality standards to all corners of Uzbekistan.
There are 87 dealers’ sales points and 8 mobile sales points of the Company operating in Jizzakh nowadays.

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