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Ucell awarded 130 of its most loyal subscribers!

Ucell awarded 130 of its most loyal subscribers!

Ucell is a reliable mobile communication operator of Uzbekistan, which gives access to modern technologies on local market by creating best conditions for business and making people happy. FE COSCOM LLC, which was established in 1996, owns TM Ucell and since 2007, it became a part of international business. Millions of people from all around the country and guests from foreign countries prefer Ucell because it provides services that allow people and companies being connected thus changing their lives for the better!

Today communication reached not only all cities of the republic but also remote locations of the country: 2G network is available for 95% of population in Uzbekistan, including distant villages, where Ucell communication is the only and most important communication tool. With emergence of Internet, the company, staying on the top of the technologic wave, added creation of 3G network to its strategy. Works on its enhancement were started in last 2 years and by August 2015, 3G network had covered 46% of country’s population.

From December 21, 2015 until January 15, 2016, Ucell has been launching loyalty campaign for subscribers in all offices of the company in the republic who subscribed to prepaid service that was launched in 2003. Within framework of that campaign, on December 25, 2015 at Mobile City office Ucell held awarding ceremony for the first and most active subscribers of the system, processing of which was carried out online.

Head of the Tashkent City and Region Retail Unit Leonid Tszyu, who appreciated all guests and noted that the most important achievement of long period of work is trust of many people who chose Ucell as their communication operator: "We have more than 8.5 million subscribers. It is a sign of trust! Today we would like to appreciate personally those subscribers from Tashkent City who everyday in last 10 years choose us! We are lending our ears to their wishes, appreciate for being with us. Today, we wish to give a lift, express our sincerity and just give presents".   

One of our faithful subscribers is Leonid Kim who subscribed on November 13, 2004 still keeps his number. Leonid Kim, participant of loyalty campaign, Tashkent: "What do I love in Ucell? Stable communication always and everywhere. That is what is important for family, my work and me. That is why we have been with Ucell for 11 years!".

Awarding ceremony was held in teleconference mode that connected all regions of the country. 130 subscribers took part in present campaign, who stay with Ucell for more than 10 years. They were the ones who received valuable gifts from the company.

Dilrabo Narzullaeva, participant of loyalty campaign, Samarkand:
"I am very grateful for being the subscriber of the company. I trust Ucell since thanks to Ucell I always keep in touch. I can call my children, parents, share good news and just hear their voices".

Burhan Juraev, participant of loyalty campaign, Navoiy:
"With Ucell I have lengthy relationship, we are together for more than ten years. I am glad that my favorite company values me. I wish to express my gratitude to Ucell for stability!".

Realizing importance of direct contact with subscribers, the Company pays special attention to training personnel by sharpening skills of each employee, who work "on the frontier" with subscribers. Today, Ucell may confidently announce about high level of trust among its subscribers. Loyal subscribers are the way much as all family members use the company’s products. That campaign is an excellent pre-New-Year gift to not only the winners but also their family members.

The company highly values loyalty of its clients and is not going to stop on this achievement. Investments amount to Ucell’s telecommunication infrastructure network only makes up USD 1.2 billion (from July 2007 until March 2015). 

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