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M2M Conference from Ucell "The future is already here!"

M2M Conference from Ucell "The future is already here!"

On November 5, 2015, mobile operator Ucell held a conference in Uzbekistan entitled "The future is already here!" At the conference, experts with international experience in M2M (Machine-to-Machine) presented their view on global trends, prospects of inter-machine interaction, practices of M2M business-solutions as well as Energy Intelligent Solutions.

A few years ago, interaction between machines was perceived as something fantastic. Today, M2M market is one of the newest and fastest growing. Currently, there are more than 2 billion "online - connections" between 200 million devices. It is expected that this figure will reach 18 billion by 2022.

Tonu Grunberg, CEO of Ucell:
"Definitely, “Internet of Things" is the wave of the future. This trend represents a global trend for Information Interaction between machines through the Internet. How do we, mobile operator Ucell, can contribute to this process? Through M2M solutions. They open up a huge opportunity for business development and optimization. Also, they are good for private clients since it allows them to connect all devices and become part of the overall information flow. The key factor for successful implementation of M2M relay in close partnership with other players in the market. I am confident that today's conference is big momentum for effective implementation of "smart services" in Uzbekistan".

Uzbek M2M- services market is quite immature. According to the Company research, J'son & Partners, market share of Uzbek M2M technologies still makes up only 1% of CIS countries market. Ucell plays a leading role in the local market, considering M2M direction as strategic, for its business and country. Ucell is a leader in M2M solutions for businesses at affordable rates, and conducts educational programs, raising the level of knowledge in this field. For example, in 2014 the company held two conferences on "M2M innovations for your business" in Karakalpakstan and in Tashkent, in the framework of ICT EXPO exhibition.

Energy is one of the sectors in which M2M solutions can bring significant contribution for optimization, reduction of costs and, accordingly, resource conservation. At present, energy system of Uzbekistan fully meet the needs of the economy and population of the country. But, resources must be treated carefully and M2M solutions can improve the technology for integration and usage of energy. For this reason, Ucell paid special attention to this direction in the framework of the conference.

The international expert, Tamer Tatlici, founder and director of aSAY, manager of a successful project «Smart City», which helped to significantly reduce energy costs without bad effect on consumers, has shared his view with us:
"The effectiveness of M2M solutions for the energy sector is proved by successful implementation of many projects. «Smart City» - is one of them. Our company "aSAY Energy", has developed and introduced, for the first time Turkey, the system of "smart" lighting of the streets and informational collection through the use of network power technology PWC (Power Line Communication / communication via power line) and GSM (Global standard for digital mobile communications) to save energy. Leading companies use M2M solutions, as a new way for business process optimization, cost savings, improving of services quality. Therefore, anyone who is not thinking about it today has the risk to loose leadership positions in the future. In this respect, Ucell conference is a relevant platform for the effective development of many companies in Uzbek market".

Within conference frames, guests speakers: Ilgi Evecan, expert on business development in the field of IoT-mobile technologies and marketing of TeliaSonera Eurasia, and Eunice Yazirlioulu, manager of M2M business development in Turkcell shared their successful experience to the conference participants. 

High efficiency of using M2M systems observed on the world markets especially in health care, logistics, trade, security, payment systems, “smart house” class projects, in the organization of "e- government", controlling and accounting of energy resources.

Alisher Khamidov, Enterprise Department Director of Ucell:
"On the basis of our technology, we create a partnership to help companies increase their efficiency and users to get service of higher quality. In this context, machine-to-machine technology serves as a solid foundation for the establishment of such partnerships and the development of the economy as a whole. I am sure that our conference is to contribute to the support of a government initiative for rational and efficient use of electricity in the country. World experience shows that the wireless M2M solutions affect the optimization of energy consumption, improve the mechanism of calculation and payment for the consumed electricity. And I am glad that Ucell is ready today to share and apply this experience for spreading of "smart" services in close partnership with other players in our market”.

Ucell conference was addressed first of all to IT businesses, IT professionals, power engineers, owners of innovative businesses and representatives of large industrial enterprises, as well as for those who are interested in the future today.


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