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The opening ceremony of a new children’s playground was held in Nukus!

The opening ceremony of a new children’s playground was held in Nukus!

The opening ceremony of Ucell children’s playground was held on November 26, 2015 in Nukus city of Karakalpakstan Republic, which is the fifth one in succession, built within the scope of Company social initiative. The new territory of joy for children excellently fit into one of the mahalla yards in the city and brightly stand out by its modern design. Many guests came to the event. They were representatives of local authorities, makhalla – aksakals (elders), families with their children, mass media. The happy eyes and smiles of these children says about that the young generation liked the playground very much.


Rodica Verbenuic, Corporate Communications director  of Ucell, has mentioned in her opening speech: “Today in Karakalpakstan, the festive playground opening turned into warm-hearted family holiday gathering three generations! And this fact makes us extremely happy because, the final purpose of our project “Ucell Quvonch Makoni” is to promote the strengthening of family values and education of healthy children. We are ready to continue to invest into the development of telecommunication infrastructure of the country via enlarging the coverage and improving network quality. But, also we will keep building the bridges of happiness for the people of Uzbekistan, throughout such great social initiatives”.

The playground’s opening has turned into a real theatre performance with participation of favorite fairy and cartoon heroes. Children made photos, drew, danced and participated in the competitions, enjoying the prizes. After that, honorable guests cut symbolically cut the ribbon, the balloons raised to the sky in a fascinating flight; the children impatiently stepped into the playground with the desire to ride on seesaws and slides.


“Children need to be educated in a proper way. Few of the parents understand that, the playing in the children’s playground can strengthen muscles and improve coordination, get a sense of balance. I think it is useful for each child to strengthen his\her health by playing games in such modern and stylish playground. On behalf of all parents of our mahalla, I express my gratitude to Ucell Company for such a gift!” – said Malika Karimova, a citizen of the mahalla.

“I liked the playground very much! Here we can climb, jump and ride. It is very bright, comfortable and the green color of grass looks very fabulous in late autumn!” - shared his impressions Dilshod.

Ucell Company expresses its gratitude for the support in the project implementation to the representatives of the Ministry for development of Informational Technology and Communications, khakimiyats of Regions and cities, its partners “Infranet - Asia”, “Unique Present” and all citizens who greet given project.

“Ucell Quvonch Makoni” is a social initiative, developed by the Company and included in its annual program for social responsibility. The project’s aim is the construction of 12 playgrounds for children through Uzbekistan!

The fifth opened children’s playground “Ucell Quvonch Makoni” is located at: Nukus city, MPJ “Doslik”, 52 A.


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