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Ucell has awarded the world’s best referee!

Ucell has awarded the world’s best referee!

On January 15 2016, Ucell was honored to congratulate the best referee of the world 2015, its trusted partner, friend and subscriber of the company Ravshan Irmatov. He has become the world best referee 2015, according to the European Club Association that has founded the Globe Soccer Awards. The honorific award has become a great achievement for football of Uzbekistan and matter of proud for all the country citizens.  The meeting took place in a friendly, home atmosphere. Mr. Irmatov was welcomed as member of the big Ucell family that makes life better every day. Directors of departments and members of the company’s football team attended the event.

World best referee and Ucell are connected through friendly ties for almost 5 years. The referee uses services of the company, has effective relationships by participating in several advertisement campaigns, becoming Ucell Ambassador. Within the event ‘framework, Irmatov was asked interesting questions about his private life, victories and awards.

Winners deserve the best! Following this slogan Ucell has handover to the referee 4G package with Wi-Fi router. The general director of the company Tonu Grunberg wished all ceremony participants have trust in themselves and solid health, which will help in achieving the best success. The company representatives are pleased that the symbol of millions will use advanced technologies. On December 1, 2014, Ucell has launched the widest 4G/LTE network in Tashkent, enlarging mobile subscribers’ opportunities to have access to the modern technologies. Besides widest 4G network in Tashkent, Ucell  became the only operator that launched 4G in Samarkand! Currently, more than 8.5 million subscribers any time of the day or night can make a call to their relatives and share the most important moments of their lives, using 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

Ravshan Irmatov is one of the most promising referee in the football world. In 2014, he broke the record by serving the biggest number of matches in the world cup competitions, having judged 9 matches. It is worthy to note that Globe Soccer Awards 2015 was held in Dubai on December 27, 2015. The jury that included famous football players and managers chose award winners.

Ucell actively supports the sports development in Uzbekistan. That is confirmed by the partnership with National Paralympic Association of Uzbekistan, Boxing Federation and others. The company supports international and national competitions in various types of sports like boxing, track and field, swimming, etc. The company also holds its own sports competitions among its employees. On 2008 Ucell football team was founded. The major tournament that the team took part in was held by the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2014, Ucell team passed to the first league by gaining the second rank. In 2015, FC Ucell took the third place by outplaying “Uznet FC”, thus it reached Republican tournament. The received experience allows FC Ucell participate more confidently and being motivated to struggle for medal places.


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