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Ucell at Annual Exhibition of Information Technologies – ICTEXPO 2015!

Ucell at Annual Exhibition of Information Technologies – ICTEXPO 2015!

 One of the brightest events of ICTWEEK Uzbekistan 2015 has become Exhibition of information and communication technologies ICTEXPO 2015, which has gathered unprecedented 150 exhibiting companies. Exhibition is being held in network data representation format, on September 15-17 in Tashkent and September 15-16 in Samarkand. For several years, within framework of participation at exhibition, Ucell booth was marked as “The most popular booth”.

So again, Ucell team made original approach to the exhibition and taking into account recent trends in mobile technologies. Booth of Ucell in Samarkand will make participants happy with information about current popular services, as well as offers aimed at corporate clients. Ucell booth in Tashkent will be remembered for its interesting contests and most popular subject – Internet! This year, almost all activity at Ucell booth is dedicated to Internet: its’ availability due to favorable billing plans from Ucell and its unlimited opportunities to receive information from worldwide sources. Each booth zone of all four zones, is interactive and introduces key products and services of the company to visitors – our new billing plan “Available Internet”, fast 4G Internet with the widest coverage in Tashkent, new unique service “Number freeze” for those who travel much and long, as well as ultramodern devices.  

Comment of Dilshod Odilov, Ucell subscriber:
Internet has deeply entered my life. I cannot imagine one day of my life without it. One may not believe that a couple of years ago we were not familiar with it. Owing to Ucell, I use available Internet 7/24. It is good that the company not only thinks about wishes of their clients, but also provide them with opportunities in order their wishes come true. Traditionally, this year as well I visited the booth of my favorite company. Everything is mobile, creative and new. Frankly speaking, I didn’t even doubt it!”.

There is a free WiFi at Ucell booth. Visitors were introduced original contests and quizzes with precious gifts, photo cabin (keep impressions/shot of the day), and innovative terminal for calling a taxi from partners New Max. Latter service is available due to Ucell SIM card and Internet.
Exhibition is a place for meetings, search of partners, promotion of companies and projects, and search of investments. During exhibition there were presented designs of Uzbek and foreign companies, held business activities, conferences and presentations on potential of Uzbekistan.

Comment of Rodica Verbeniuc, Director of Corporate Communications Department at Ucell:
ICTWEEK is a place for meetings and experience exchange, demonstration of new technologies achievements and innovations. This format only gives opportunity to meet tet-a-tet with our subscribers, learn their opinions, further development of services of the company. Last year Ucell was chosen as “The most popular booth” simultaneously in three cities, which tells about gradual increasing of consumer interest in our company, and that people’s trust is keeping very high now. Such events also serve as strong base for creation of new partnership relations in order to develop economy of our country in general. Ucell will wait for visitors of its booth at ICTEXPO-2015 with pleasure!”

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