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Company Ucell held a charity campaign for the employees “Ucell Blood Donor Day!”

Company Ucell held a charity campaign for the employees “Ucell Blood Donor Day!”

Company Ucell held a charity campaign for the employees “Ucell Blood Donor Day!”
On August 3, 2015 the first donor voluntary campaign “Ucell Blood Donor Day!\Corporate Donor Day!” was held within the walls of the Ucell Plaza. During this Day 66 employees of the Company took part in the event via replenishing the blood banks of the Republican Blood Donor Center with 15 liters. Company Press office informs on it.
Employees from Company “Ucell” understand that donor blood saves the lives that is impossible to replace in many situations: it is needed to the injured people in case of emergency, persons who suffer from burning injury and had surgery, including cardiac surgery, birthing mothers and newborn babies in case of complications. Blood and its components are always demanded in the medical institutions.
On behalf of the top management Company expresses its gratitude and its admiration to all employees who found the strength and opportunity to take part in the donor campaign. The participation result is in excess of our optimistic expectations. The Donor Day became not only the event within the corporate culture, but a personal expressing of opinion and understanding of civil duty for most of the Company employees. I am filled with the great pride feeling that I have the honor to work in the team of such open hearted and dedicated people”- commented Rodica Verbenuic, Director of Corporate Communications of Company “Ucell”.

This Day the symbol of the open heartedness was the special Donor badges – Every Blood Donor is a Hero!, which is fixed on our Heroes’ breasts.
We hadn’t expected such a great flow of wishing people, but I think we could do it, working uninterruptedly as a conveyor! I would like to repeat that for us this is the first experience in holding of a Donor Day of such a high level and we agreeably surprised with such a greeting and hospitality we saw, both donors and Event organizers had” – said the Head of Mobile Team from Republican Blood Donor Center, Zulfiya A. Ismailova.
-        Regardless of endless queue, everything was held in positive atmosphere. In practice, everyone could feel in the role of donor and give a part of themselves in a good cause. Along toward evening when all wishing people continued to come, we unfortunately had insufficient quantity of blood bags that we, by the way, twice had to go to the warehouse. I express our gratitude on behalf of our Team for warm greeting and noble work!”
Marianna Semenova, the emplo yee of Company “Ucell” shared her impressions: “In my family we had a situation that there was a necessity in donor, however, as my hemoglobin was low I couldn’t be a donor.  This time help is needed not to my close people (Thanks God!) but I can help someone. I took part in this good event with great pleasure. Most of all I was impressed of the people who really want to help as well as the initiative of employees was incredible. Today I am sure that the Ucell team always come to help in all things together. I wish everybody good health and that nobody never needs such kind of help”.
By understanding the importance of such direction as a voluntary donation, Ucell sincerely hopes that given campaign made a good beginning of annual tradition among our employees!                                

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