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“Leadership in a modern society”: Ucell enhances project geography!

“Leadership in a modern society”: Ucell enhances project geography!

“Leadership in a modern society”: Ucell enhances project geography!
A telecommunication company Ucell actively supports social transformations in the Republic. Last year the company launched the project that is aimed at raising the role of women in the society. This direction remains prioritized in 2017 as well, which is announced in Uzbekistan as “A year of dialogue with population and human interests”. Project supported by Ucell, which is called “Women’s leadership in a modern society” will cover all regions of the country by letting women of different age, social and professional status to enhance their knowledge and gain skills, which are required in a modern society.
Under leadership of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan there implemented the Strategy of actions on further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is designed for 2017-2021. One of priority directions of the strategy is development of social field, where separately indicated the task of raising the status of women in social political life. What women’s role and position represent in modern Uzbekistan can be found in statistics: 72 percent of workers and specialists in such fields like science, education, healthcare, culture and art are women. Such statistics shows how important is to further support realization of their skills. Ucell’s project “Women’s leadership in a modern society” has joint roots with that task and was started in June 2016. In previous sessions in Tashkent, Fergana, Urgench and Termez, there participated more than 700 women and girls. Taking into consideration growing interest in subjects raised by the project, Ucell has decided to enhance the geography of the project for this year.
Commentary of Tonu Grunberg, CEO of Ucell: “Level of telecommunication field defines digital integration of population, which is important factor of modern development of a state and society. Task of supporting women in their effort to raise practical knowledge in various fields is included in agenda of Ucell’s activities. Target of out project is to facilitate digital integration of women, familiarize them with modern working tools, including Internet, and also share knowledge in planning, budgeting and provision of harmonized balance between family and work.”
Now the project will be held in regions, there provided to hold two sessions in each region. The dialogue will invite women from districts, regional centers and representatives of regional corporate partners of the mobile operator. New format includes discussion of different directions, which are actual from women’s point of view. Chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan showed its interest to cooperation with Ucell.
Commentary of Nazira Dadahanova, temporary acting deputy chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce of Uzbekistan: It is very interesting initiative by Ucell from the point of view of attraction of women to business activities. During meetings in regions there will be explained legal basis of business, talked about most demanded fields, possibility to gain microcredits, other financial resources for arrangement of own business. Platform, which is presented by Ucell can be of an interest for many women in their implementation of business ideas.”
During the sessions, along with business, there will be considered issues related to women’s and children’s health care and hygiene. Skilled specialists will assist the auditorium to receive skills in time management at home and for professional obligations. Discussion and master classes’ subjects will be effective usage of info communication technologies issues. Ucell hopes the conduct of this project in “A year of dialogue with population and human interests” will serve strengthening of women’s status, their more effective participation in the life of the state and society.               

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