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Service name Service description Service number Price, including VAT Content-provider Type of service
acquaintance service
The acquaintance service is a social network for acquaintances. Service subscribers have access to all the functionality in full, without the need to additionally make internal purchases. The platform has WEB, PWA and native application interfaces, smart search by coincidence of interests, geo-location, metrics of already liked profiles (AI Based search), a convenient photo editor. The service uses a special method that allows you to achieve an equal ratio of male and female profiles.

The cost of full tariffication of the service for subscribers is 1425 soums (including VAT) with access for 24 hours. Subscribers are charged using an invisible SMS from 4063.

Partial tariffication for subscribers - 712.50 soums (with VAT) with access for 12 hours. Subscribers are charged using an invisible SMS from 4061.

To activate the service go to or via SMS by sending number 2 to 4051

To deactivate the service, send SMS with the text “Stop” to number 4051.
1425 soums per day  (including VAT)

712,50 soums per day  (including VAT)
«SMS CHAT» service The "SMS CHAT" service allows the subscriber to meet and find new friends by means of SMS requests according to his/her requirements. After activating the service, the subscriber fills out a personal questionnaire, as well as a questionnaire for the companion. After successfully completing the survey procedure, every day the subscriber will receive up to 3 questionnaires of potential interlocutors with individual numbers (ID). In order to start communication with a certain person, the subscriber needs to send an SMS-message to 8707 with the text: interlocutor-ID space Text of the message.

Subscription fee: 550 soums per day.
Cost for one-time service: 183,33 UZS including VAT per day of subscription for each activated service. Charging is provided via invisible incoming SMS from 8709

The subscriber should send an SMS-message to the service number 8707 with the text GO to activate the "SMS-Chat" service.

Notifications about subscription and connected/disconnected services are sent from the number 8707 in the form of SMS.

Tariffication is done by sending invisible SMS from 8708.

Subscriber should send an SMS-message to the service number 8707 with the text STOP GO to disconnect from the service.
8707, 8708, 8709 550 soums/day

183,33 sum/one-time subscription
"Sayqal Solutions" LLC SMS
“”  web portal Web portal is for lovers of simple communication on any topic, for those who like to meet and find new friends, this is a great way to pass the time with a pleasant, non-binding conversation. This technology is attractive, first of all, due to its end-user orientation, ease of use, intelligence, and friendliness.The web portal is a text communication between users.

Promotional period - 2 days from the moment of profile creation.
SMS notifications (789) - 0 soum,
Tariffication (0987) - 999 soums.
Service price: 999 soums per day including VAT by subscription.
You can deactivate the subscription by sending SMS with the word “Stop chat” to 789.
Receiving information about all connected paid content services: you need to send the word Info1 to 789.
SMS with the word Stop to number 789 - the request is used when the subscriber independently unsubscribes from the provider's services.
Information: (98) 1211228
789/0987 999  soum/day by subscription Level Up Solutions SMS/WEB
Video Ring Back Tone Description of the service:
Video Ring Back Tone (VRBT) service is an innovative entertainment service that will allow the caller to enjoy watching videos on the screen of his smartphone instead of a boring tone, set by the called party on every call.

Any subscriber, who has subscribed to the VRBT service, can install the application on smartphones with the Android operating system using the link and activate it.
Videos for the ring tone can be downloaded both from your own gallery and from the video content offered in the application or from various sites (for example, YouTube, etc.).
The service is developed for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. To watch the video ring tone, both subscribers must subscribe to the service, install the application and be connected to the Internet.

Subscription price: 842 soums per day. For charging the subscription fee, the short number 8091 will be used.

Service activation / deactivation procedure:
In order to subscribe to the service, subscribers need to send an SMS message with any word (except for the deactivation keywords: СТОП, STOP) to the short number 8090.

To disconnect from the service, you must send a free SMS with the word "STOP" or "СТОП" to the service number 8090.
8090, 8091 842 soums/ Daily subscription SDS Carrier Solutions  
Random Video Chat web portal ( The service (Random Video Chat) will allow the subscriber to meet interesting people online and communicate with them instantly. If you want to meet someone new, just click the “Switch to another room” button and you will immediately contact a new stranger.

The service will be provided on the WEB portal

SMS notifications (123 number) – 0 soums.
Charging by subscription including VAT (7542 number) – 336.8 soums
You can refuse further usage of the service by sending SMS “stop videochat” to number 123.
123/7542 336.8 soums per day by subscription Zamin Mobile SMS/WEB
Communication On the portal "Communication" ( - the subscriber can fill out his/her profile, upload photos, watch profiles and communicate with other users. Communication works on the principle of “mutual likes”. If both subscribers clicked "Like" while viewing each other's profiles, a special window opens where you can start written communication.

The service provides a rating system and automatic moderation of censored text (automatic filtering algorithms are included in the program code by the Mobile Solution Tashkent content provider). All uploaded photos undergo mandatory moderation and are processed by the content provider "Mobile Solution Tashkent" daily from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

The service can be activated:
• through the website of the service -
• By sending SMS with the text "1" to number 3456.
SMS notification of service activation comes from the number 3456.

The full cost of the service, with access for 24 hours, is issued via an invisible SMS from the number 2260.
If the subscriber does not have enough funds to buy access for 24 hours, he/she is given the opportunity to get access for 12/6 hours, depending on the subscriber's balance through partial tariffication.
2260 / 3456 / 1165 / 1160 631,5 soums / 24 hours
315,75 soums / 12 hours
157,87 soums / 6 hours
Mobile Solutions Tashkent SMS
IVR portal Duv-duv gap is an interactive voice portal where you can meet interesting people using voice chat or listen to popular music online through an interactive player. Use the services of the portal by calling to the short number 777.

This service is charged from short number 1426 (421.00 soums – 12 hours), 1427 (842,00 soums- 24 hours). To disable this service, the subscriber should send STOP777 to the short number 1426. The subscriber will receive a free message from the alpha name IVR777. To check for any subscriptions, the subscriber can send a free message with the word ""info"" to the short number 1426, as a response he will receive a free message from the short number 1478 about the presence or absence of a subscription to the content.

Service fee is 421 soums- 12 hours, 842 soums-24 hours.
777, 1426, 1478, 1427 421,00-12 hours,

842- 24 hours
Maftunim IVR service "Maftunim" is a service for dating. A service that allows you to communicate and build a romantic relationship using a mobile service, like a mobile chat.

Use the service by calling 0990.

Subscription price: 505.20 soums per day.

Notifications about subscription and subscribed / unsubscribed services are sent from short number 0990 by SMS.

Charging is done from invisible SMS number 0996.

To disable the service, dial the number 0 in the main menu of the portal or send the Stop command to number 0990.

Ucell. Changing life for the better!
0990,0996 505,2 soum/day   IVR
IVR-portal We are pleased to announce the launch of the IVR portal in conjunction with the content provider PE “Zamin mobile”.

On the portal, you can communicate with each other, create chat rooms, play voice games, send voice greeting cards with congratulations, and also take interesting tests.

To use the portal, dial 8888.

Price of service – 336.8 soum/day.

To deactivate the service, it is necessary to send an SMS to the short number 123 with code word STOP.
8888, 123, 213 336.8 soum/day Zamin Mobile IVR
“Complement” service The Compliment service is a unique service of mobile dating and communication on any topics. At any time and in any place with a mobile phone or Internet access, subscribers get access to the portal of communication and dating among Ucell subscribers. The portal features registration, form filling, contact search, messaging, maintaining a list of friends, blocking unwanted contacts.

In order to subscribe to “Compliment” service, the subscriber must send an SMS with “DA” code word to short number 4020. The subscription price is 505.2 soums/day with VAT. After authorization, the subscriber can register his profile on the portal, get access to a quick search for profiles, get the opportunity to comment and rate photos of users, follow updates from friends.

To deactivate the service, it is necessary to send an SMS to the short number 4020 with code word “STOP”.

More detailed information on the website
505,2 soum/day "Speed Network Group" LLC SMS
Catchphrases for dating Get to know the most effective phrases for dating with a guy or a girl by sending a keyword to the short number 7008 7008 1 263 sum SYNERIKA SMS
USSD-dating The subscriber needs to dial *810# and sign up for the service, then select the menu language and go through the process short registration (specify gender, age, purpose of acquaintance, region of residence, gender desired). To complete the registration of the subscriber one assigns a name for himself by sending an SMS to the number 8100 with the text "Nick: Name of the subscriber".
After registration, subscribers can begin to look for new friends! To do this, one should dial *810# call, select Search in the interactive menu, enter the parameters of the desired subscriber from the list and select a companion. Charging is provided via invisible incoming SMS from 8101. To switch off subscriptions dial *810# and choose "Control" section or send SMS to 8100 the word STOP.
Charging of SMS sent after exceeding 50 messages limit is made via the 8102 short code, cost of one incoming message -  550 sum 
8100 550 sum/per day EMOTION TRADING SMS
Voice chat for communication For activation of "Voice chat for communication" you should call to 0909 and follow voice menu hints: 1 – call to V.I.P. number, 2 – activate V.I.P. number, 3 – call confidentially, 4 – enter the city of communication, 5 – receive information on services, 6 – listen to fairy tales for children 0 909 252.6 sum LUX CONTENT IVR
Mobile voice chat Calling to 0961 you are appeared in virtual world with the virtual rooms. Each virtual room is intended for chatting on various interesting subjects – movies, cars, music, acquaintances. Here you may find companions and make an acquaintance 0 961 126.3 sum DIXANET SYS IVR
Compliments to girls Send SMS with the code 83 to 33334 if you want to receive all available compliments to girls 33334 842 sum PLAY MOBILE SMS
How to win the heart of the girl Send SMS with the code 90 to 33334 for receiving hints in Uzbek language how to win the heart of the girl 33334 842 sum PLAY MOBILE SMS


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