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Health and beauty

Health and beauty

Service name Service description Service number Price, including VAT Content-provider Type of service
Аntistress Antistress is a mobile portal that helps users improve mental health and meditate online at any convenient time using specifically designed meditation.
The specifically designed program includes sections on the following topics:
- improving sleep;
- chronic fatigue;
- irritability;
- mantras;
- aerophobia;
- anxiety.
Calming melodies, special mantras, motivating and relaxing monologues with background music are waiting for subscribers inside the sections.
The principle of playback is similar to the player, the subscriber has the ability to switch records, pause, etc. In this case, the system remembers which melodies the user has listened to and up to what moment (progress), in order to continue listening from the same moment during the next session.
At the first access to the portal, the subscriber has a free trial period for three days. After this period, the subscriber is offered to switch to a paid model with daily billing, with a service cost of 799 UZS/day, including VAT.
Tariffication is carried out using an invisible SMS from the number 9124.
To activate the service:
You need to go to the website and register.
To deactivate the service:
1. It is necessary to send an SMS command stop to number 9125.
2. Contact the Provider's Call-center at +998 93 193 75 05
Write an appeal to the support service address:
Relax Relax is a mobile anti-stress application that helps users to relax, relieve stress, anxiety, improve sleep and increase productivity. Using the app for only 20 minutes a day will keep you full of energy and mental health during the whole day. Relax application is developed for  platform - Android. Unlike most paid meditation apps, it provides access on a daily subscription basis with a low cost of 499 UZS. The Relax application is available for download and installation (in accordance with the platform terms) on the PlayMarket platform. After activating the subscription, the application opens access to special playlists of relaxation music and visual simulators to relieve stress and anxiety, relieve chronic fatigue and improve sleep.

Service activation/deactivation procedure. To activate the service, the subscriber must go to the landing page at the IP-address and activate the subscription after reading and agreeing to the Terms of Service. After activating the subscription, the subscriber can download, install and use the Relax application; or the subscriber can download the application on the PlayMarket platform, and then activate the subscription to the service through the application interface, having read and confirmed his agreement with the Terms of Service. Deactivation of a subscription is  possible through the application interface or by sending 1 (to deactivate all ICS PE services) or R1 (deactivating Access to Relax application) to service number 3448.

More details on the website;

To write off the subscription fee, the MT number will be used. The cost of the service is 499 UZS per day, including VAT.
499 UZS (VAT)
Interactive Content
Mobile health Receive daily on your phone information on non-communicable diseases and advice on healthy lifestyles. The service is provided in the Uzbek and Russian languages. Provided content approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To subscribe the service send an SMS-message with the keyword MZ for Russian language or SH for Uzbek language to the service number 7878 7878, 6431 0 sum. Cost of one incoming SMS-message during subscription is – 378.9 sum SMILE MOBILE SMS
Beauty advices This service gives an opportunity to receive the most useful beauty advices 4040, 4041 0 sum. Cost of 1 (one) incoming SMS-message within subscription period – 336.8 sum REAL SOLUTIONS SMS
Health advices Do you care about your health? Then this service is for you, subscribe and get advices on how to feel healthy 4040, 4041 0 sum. Cost of 1 (one) incoming SMS-message within subscription period – 336.8 sum REAL SOLUTIONS SMS
Healthy lifestyle advices Follow to healthy lifestyle is not difficult, especially with the service "Healthy lifestyle advices". This service gives an opportunity to receive advice on healthy lifestyles 4040, 4041 0 sum. Cost of 1 (one) incoming SMS-message within subscription period – 336.8 sum REAL SOLUTIONS SMS
Fashion World* You want to be on trend? Then subscribe to this service and receive news on the phone with the latest trends in the fashion world.
To subscribe in Russian is necessary to send a command FAS, the Uzbek language - team MD.
1425 0 sum. Cost of 1 (one) incoming SMS within subscription period – 336.8 sum KRON TELEKOM NETVORK SMS
Fashion magazine Fashion magazine is a Web-portal for men and women with useful materials and articles, including: for men - about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, recreation, style, entertainment, etc.; for women - about fashion, beauty, health, family, career, parenting, etc.
Also, a premium subscription provides access to sections with online magazines, entertainment videos and video lessons/guides on the most popular male and female topics (sports, family, beauty, nutrition, health, style, space, gadgets, and others). Subscribers who subscribed to the Premium section have unlimited access to all portal content.
The service includes two WEB portals:

• "Men’s Live" - ​​;
• "Be Woman" -

The procedure for connecting/disconnecting the service.
The service can be connected in two ways - SMS and WEB.
• If the user connects via SMS, he is given 2 (two) free days.
To connect, you need to send SMS command 5 (for the female portal) or 6 (for the male portal) to the short number 3456.

• When activating via WEB, there is no free period.
On the website and/or, you need to enter your number on the appropriate window, then the subscriber receives an SMS with a one-time password on this number. After that, the subscriber enters the password in the appropriate field and clicks "Subscribe".

You can refuse further use of the service by sending SMS “stop woman” for the (women's portal) or “stop men” (for the men's portal) to the short number 3456.
Service cost*.

1. Cost for a Subscriber (one service) - 2499 UZS per day (including VAT).
2. In the absence of the full cost on the account, access is provided for 12 hours for 1263 UZS (including VAT).
3. In the absence of the full cost on the account, access is provided for 6 hours for 631.5 UZS (including VAT).
4. In the absence of the full cost on the account, access is provided for 3 hours for 315.75 UZS (including VAT).
Tariffication is performed using invisible SMS from short numbers 4485, 3385, 3345, 3325.
 *Subscription and billing for each portal is carried out separately.
2499 UZS (including VAT)
1263 UZS (including VAT)
631.5 UZS (including VAT)
315.75 UZS (including VAT)
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