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Service name Service description Service number Price, including VAT Content-provider Type of service
Quiz on Nasaf TV A subscriber can take part in the quiz live on Nasaf TV by calling the short number 0977. During a call, the host of the program offers to answer the questions that are displayed on the screen. Also, the subscriber can leave his/her comments to the TV channel.
The service is charged per minute, starting from the 11th second of the call.
Service cost: 2500 soums per minute.
The quiz is held jointly with the content provider “Mobi Tel Inform” LLC.
0977 2 500 soums for each minute of the call MOBI TEL INFORM IVR
“TV-CHAT” At the time of the TV CHAT, the subscriber must send an SMS to the short number 1700 with the text that the subscriber wants to put live on a special plate.
(Price of one SMS – 1684 soums)
In response, an SMS will be sent that the message is posted on the air.
1700 1684 soums PLAY MOBILE SMS
“SMS-voting” At the time of SMS-voting on TV channels, the subscriber must send an SMS with a code to the short number 1700. (Price of one SMS – 1684 soums)
In response, an SMS will be sent that the message is posted on the air.
1700 1684 soums PLAY MOBILE SMS
Got Talent SMS service in which the subscriber becomes a participant in the vote, which determines the winners of the stages of Got Talent television show. Got Talent is a project that enables ordinary people, regardless of age and occupation, to demonstrate their unique abilities: sing, dance, show tricks, perform an acrobatic stunt or any other amazing number.
The most talented receives fame, recognition of millions and a big cash prize!
The TV show will be broadcast on ZO‘R TV.
The price of one outgoing SMS message to the short number 5021 is 2105 soums.
5021 2105 soums Prime Media SMS
"MilliyTV" Voice service at the short number 7070 with per-minute call charging that offers voting services, questions to the studio (for recording), feedback from channel and live calls during the broadcast to subscribers. Service will be provided in 2 languages – Russian and Uzbek.  7070 421 soums SMILE MOBILE IVR
"Salom Salom" By calling short number 1010, the subscribers have an opportunity: to send greetings, congratulations, order music compositions on the air of Milliy TV.
Service will be provided in 2 languages – Russian and Uzbek.
1010 2105 soums SMILE MOBILE IVR
"MilliyTV voting" Subscriber can send an SMS to the short number 9090 from the voting conditions broadcasted on the Milliy-TV channel to vote for the composition/singer from the charts of Milliy-TV channel. 9090 421 soums SMILE MOBILE SMS
"MilliyTV" Subscriber can send an SMS to the short number 7070 with his questions, congratulations and greetings for broadcasting it on the Milliy-TVchannel.  7070 842 soums SMILE MOBILE SMS
Interactive on TV Muloqot, Chat on TV Muloqot To participate in chats and interactive chats on TV Muloqot please send your SMS to 5151 5151 3 157.5 soums LUX CONTENT SMS
Voting on TV SPORT This service provides the opportunity to participate in on-line voting at football matches on TV SPORT 998712000974, 998712000975 3 789 soums MOBI TEL INFORM IVR
Voice news portal of the SPORT channel By calling short number 0974 you can use sport and football news 0 974 2 105 soums MOBI TEL INFORM IVR
Launch of Taraqqiyot TV portal Ucell announces the launch of Taraqqiyot TV portal!

The portal provides the opportunity to make live calls on the Taraqqiyot TV channel via the short number 0971, as well as send questions and suggestions to the channel.

The service is charged per minute starting from 11th seconds of a call.
0971 2 105 soums/minute MOBI TEL INFORM IVR


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