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Frequently asked questions about 3G

Frequently asked questions about 3G


What is 3G?

Term 3G is used for describing mobile communication services of next (third) generation standards, which are providing higher sound quality, and also high-speed access to Internet and multimedia services. Mobile networks of third generation (3G) differ from networks of second generation (2G) by much more data transfer speed, and also by broader and higher quality of provided services.

  • What kinds of new services came into by launching 3G?

    By launching networks of third generation, following service became available:

    • "Video-call" – is an opportunity to see listener during conversation thanks to exchange of video images. Mobile communication becomes visual!
    • "3G Internet" – provides access to Internet at higher speed then GPRS ⁄ EDGE.
  • How "3G Internet" is tariffed?

    Cost of 1Mb transferred ⁄ received information at using "3G Internet" service – in accordance with subscriber’s tariff plan.

    Until 20.10.2020, the first quota of tariffed information Internet service is 128 KB. Further quota size is 64 KB.
    From 20.10.2020 the quota of tariffed information– 16 KB.

  • With what speed data are transferred in 3G networks?

    In the networks of third generation step-by-step increase of data transfer speed until 7 Мbit ⁄ s is provided.

  • How to connect 3G Internet?

    Service doesn’t require connection and connected to all subscribers of Ucell. You just need to set up mobile telephone for wok with "Ucell Internet" service.

  • What is the difference of call in 3G and in usual GSM network?

    There are no principle differences. It can be noted that in 3G quality of voice transfer is better, and also in 3G there is ability to make video-calls.

  • Is it possible to set telephone automatically for work with the service?

    In order to request automatic settings for your telephone, send SMS with numeral 2 to number 5555. Cost of sending SMS to number 5555 – $ 0. If settings for your telephone model by somewhat reasons did not arrive, you can set the connection manually by using following settings:

    • Name of settings: Ucell Internet
    • Access Point Name: internet
    • Login: (blank)
    • Password: (blank)
    • Home page:
  • What I have to do, if I am not able to set telephone or pocket computer manually?

    If your telephone doesn’t support automatic setting of MMS, WAP, GPRS-Internet, or you have faced difficulties in manual setting of telephone or pocket computer, address for help to nearest service point or Ucell office, where you will be provided by required settings.

  • How to connect to the service?

    The service doesn’t require activation. If your cell phone supports 3G, it is enough to choose mode in telephone of simultaneous use of 3G ⁄ GSM and it automatically will choose 3G network, at being in coverage area. In case, if by somewhat reasons it didn’t happen, it is required to choose 3G ⁄ GSM mode manually in menu of cell phone. Returning to 2G network is also possible by manual settings. For more detailed information see the instruction about services of your cell phone.

  • How can I know whether my telephone supports 3G?

    You can read about it in technical description of cell phone or address for consulting to nearest service point or Ucell office.

  • How can I know whether my telephone, which supports 3G, is using 3G network?

    In majority of telephone models, at standing in 3G network, near with indicator of signal strength ("antenna") appears "3G" mark. It means that your telephone is using 3G network at the moment. In order to know how your telephone model displays the usage of 3G network, address to instructions about services of your cell phone.


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