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New "Monthly 4G Internet-packages"

New "Monthly 4G Internet-packages"

Интернет 4G от Ucell теперь доступен для каждого абонента!

We are glad to introduce you new monthly internet-packs. With these packages you can receive internet traffic every 30 days.

Activation/manage packages:

  • Check spent traffic usage: *555*5*10*1#
  • Deactivation: *555*5*10*2#

All unused traffic will be set to zero upon service deactivation.

Within “We appreciate you!” loyalty program “Monthly 4G internet packages” are available to subscribers with “Respectable” status depending on the age of the subscriber in the network with 20/35/50/70% additional traffic for the limits within this service. You can take advantage of the service via special USSD request *136#. Detailed info

Ucell. Making life better!

Bonus (only in 4G network)
"Ucell Wi-Fi Home"
105 250 sum
Unlimited traffic* in TAS-IX zone and 10 000 MB of internet
Every 30 days
"Ucell Modem Home"
63 150 sum
Unlimited traffic* in TAS-IX zone and 5 000 MB of internet 
Every 30 days

* A subscriber is granted 10,000 MB in TAS-IX zone at a speed of up to 10 Mbps, after the expiration of the allocated limit in TAS-IX zone internet speed is set to 64 Kbps in the TAS-IX zone until the end of the service.
Activation terms
  • Activation of the service is available to subscribers of the Company Ucell Prepaid service system;
  • After sending a request for service activation, you must wait for incoming SMS-message, confirming the of the successful appointment of service. If you do not get an SMS-message, we recommend to check the active services via USSD-request *555*5*10*1 #;
  • The subscription fee for the Internet-package is removed every 30 days;
  • Included traffic range on maximum speed will be appointed for 30 days period after the removal of the subscription fee;
  • If at the time of removal of subscription fees on the subscriber balance is not enough, the package will not be assigned and will not be available after subscription fee removal. The service can be deactivated and activated again at any day of the month;
  • To re-activate the Internet-package, you must deactivate the current Internet-package and activate the new one, herewith the current Internet-package burns
  • The validity of the package will be set equal to the term of the last activated package.
  • If a subscriber’s device is set to automatic network mode: 2G/3G/4G or only 4G mode, before activating additional services it’s necessary to reset subscriber’s device to one of the following network modes: 2G/3G/Only 2G/Only 3G.
    After successful activation of an additional service, network mode might be changed according to the subscriber’s preference.
Activation of the service is not possible if the user has connected to the services:
  • "Unlimited Internet-package"
  • "Unlimited Odnoklassniki"
  • "Unlimited Mail.Ru Agent"
  • "Ucell Portal"
  • "Unlimited night"
  • Try 4G
or activate subscription packages:
  • "Huawei P7",
  • "Galaxy Ace"
  • "Modem", " Modem +"
  • "Modem Turbo+";
  • "Umlimited Night" and vice versa, respectively.
Service terms
  • The service can be used by Ucell subscribers, who are in active status;
  • When the service is activated, the subscriber is granted 10 000 MB in TAS-IX zone at a speed of up to 10 Mbps.
  • Upon reaching limit the Internet speed will be shaped down up to 64 Kbit/s till the end of validity of service in all networks (4G, 3G, 2G);
  • By the automatic assigned function of Internet-packages activation after 30 days from the date of activation of the package by sufficient funds on the balance, the system will assign a new package of nominal value, purchased earlier.
  • At the same time, traffic is allocated on the maximum speed to zero. Traffic of new Internet-package will be appointed for the period from 00:00 on the 31st day from activation/auto-assignment after write-off for the new package;
  • Before using the Internet to check the appointment of a new package to avoid extra costs;
  • Auto function will be on the work under the terms of the last assigned Internet-package;
  • Package can be deactivated via USSD-request: *555*5*10*2#;
  • If there was no funds on the balance of subscriber for automatic assignment of package, the service is blocked for traffic and the subscriber will have to pay from the main balance, by this limits with unlimited speed will comply with the terms of packages;
  • The validity of the current package will be set equal to the term of the last activated Internet package;
  • For proper operation of the service, if at the time of service activation session is active, you need to interrupt the session to activate the service and then resume the session.
  • By active bonuses within packages "Ucell Wi-Fi Home" and "Ucell Modem Home", the following services are not available for subscription: "Unlimited Internet-package" “Daily internet package”, “Monthly internet package”, “Maximum access”, “Internet Mega BOOM”, activation packages: "Modem", "Modem +", "Modem Turbo +", and vice versa respectively;
Важно знать!
Activation of the service is carried out only at the time of receiving SMS-messages about the appointment of the service. If you did not receive SMS-message, it is recommended to check the active services to take advantage of USSD-request *555*5*10*1#. If the package is not active, the billing for the Internet will be carried out according to your tariff plan. In these cases the Company does not recalculated for services.

Subscribers who has activated the service before September 12, 2018, will be able to use the package on the same terms for 30 days. After 30 days the service will turn off, automatic assignment will not occur. For further use, the subscriber will need to reactivate the service, and a new activation will be made on new conditions.

Subscribers who have activated the service beginning from September 12, 2018, will receive a traffic limit of 10,000 MB in TAS-IX zone at a speed of up to 10 Mbps, after that the speed in TAS-IX zone is set to 64 Kbps.

Before buying "Monthly 4G Internet package", we suggest you to acquaint 4G coverage map here.

Bonus included in the package is only available in a 4G network in the case of registration of SIM-cards in 3G or 2G, billing for the Internet will be made according to the subscriber's tariff plan. In order to avoid additional consumptions for the Internet, we strongly recommend setting the network parameters as: "Only 4G" in the device settings.
Torrent files (download file, torrent protocols, bittorrent) download from sites (including TAS-IX) will consume package included traffic.

List of IP-addresses that are determined by the area of TAS-IX, can be downloaded here. Discounts are available only in browsing web sites (HTTP and HTTPS). 
If the site stated in the TAS-IX zone does not include a range of IP addresses specified above, the Company will not be responsible for spent the traffic.

Dear site owner!
If you have not found your IP-address in our list, please contact us at and we will contact you.

Everything is easier, faster, and more affordable! With 4G from Ucell!


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