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SMS (Short Message) – service which allows to subscribers of Ucell to exchange with short text messages, comprising up to 160 symbols at typing with Latin symbols and up to 70 symbols – in Cyrillic.

Sometimes there is no need to talk, you can be limited by short message. For example, you want to talk to your friend, but you can’t because you are at meeting; you need to contact with a partner, but he is at out of coverage area. Then use SMS service from Ucell.

Direction Price of SMS
Outgoings to numbers of Ucell subscribers (keying in + 998 94 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, + 998 93 ХХХ ХХ ХХ) according to the tariff plan
Outgoings to number of Beeline-Uzbekistan subscribers (keying in +998 90 ХХХ ХХ ХХ, +998 91 XXX XX XX) according to the tariff plan
Outgoings to numbers of PERFECTUM MOBILE subscribers (keying in +998 98 ХХХ ХХ ХХ) according to the tariff plan
Outgoings to numbers of UZMOBILE subscribers (keying in +998 95 ХХХ ХХ ХХ) according to the tariff plan
Outgoings to subscribers of roaming partners (International SMS) according to the tariff plan
Outgoing and incoming SMS at using IAR services (SMS roaming) See roaming price-list
All incoming SMS 0 sum

Temporarily sending SMS-messages to subscribers of following operators is impossible: SFR.

Outgoing SMS are charged by fact of being sent and no fund are recharged.

When sending SMS which is larger than 160 symbols on Latin or 70 on Cyrillic, the mobile device automatically splits such message into several parts and adds to each of the part, except the last part, 3 system symbols in Cyrilic and 7 symbols in Latin, which define the sequence of the connected parts at the delivery.

Thereby, if you’ve sent message on the Cyrillic alphabet with the 135 symbols in lengths, 3 messages will be charged: 1st one = 67 symbols of the message + 3 system symbols, 2nd one = 67 symbols of the message + 3 system symbols, and the 3rd ona = 67 symbols of the message +3 symbols of the message and etc. This procedure set by international standards into mobile phones’ system and necessary to correctly deliver multimple messages. (Some mobile phones may be produced with different working model for SMS).

How to send message?

To type text message you can with "Write message" ("New Message", "Create New" or "Create Message") item in menu "Messages" of your telephone. Text is using keyboard of the telephone.

Pay attention to the keys of your telephone, near with the numbers letters (symbols) are shown. Pressing several times any of key, you will see that the letters are appearing (symbols or numbers) showed near with a number on a key.

After typing text message choose "Send" command, then number of SMS recipient will be requested.

Telephone number of addressee must be pointed in international format: + "country code" "network operator code" "subscriber code". For example: + 998 93 XXXXXXX

International SMS

Do you have friends abroad? Send SMS! It’s cheaper!

Only Ucell company provides an opportunity to send SMS to subscribers of over 350 operators from more than 150 countries of the world! List of countries constantly growing!

Also take into consideration that international SMS delivery report will come to the sender as soon as the message will reach international SMS provider instead of to the addressee.

Only need to remember that number of addressee must pointed in international format (see above).


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